The Golfer's Cheat Sheet

Published 11/02/2009 21:35:06

Having a bad day on the course? Want to quickly fix a fault with your swing without going to see your golf tutor? Consult this handy cheat sheet for quick fixes to the most common golf swing problems.


  • Make sure that your grip is not too weak.
  • Practise swinging the club from inside to outside the ball-to-target line through impact.
  • Make a wide takeaway and concentrate on releasing your hands through impact.
  • Do not aim to the left.


  • Make sure that your grip is not too strong.
  • Try to ensure that your arms and body rotate at the same speed.
  • Make sure that your hands do not release too soon i.e. before impact.
  • Do not aim to the right.


  • Make sure that your clubface is aiming directly at the target.
  • Set your body square to the ball-to-target line.
  • Concentrate on completing your body turn on both the backswing and throughswing.


  • Ensure that your clubface and body are aligned to the target.
  • AS your address the ball use just your right hand to hold the club to prevent your shoulders from closing.
  • Hold the club up at address to check where the face is pointing.

Lack of power

  • Stretch your upper and lower body to improve your flexibility.
  • Start your downswing by dropping your hands straight down.
  • Accelerate your hands steadily through the downswing.
  • Waggle the club at address to relieve tension.

Fatting and thinning

  • Make sure that your weight moves on to your right side during the backswing.
  • Drive your weight on to your left side through impact.
  • Ensure that your head does not dip or lift before you have struck the ball.


  • At address make sure that your weight is not too far forward i.e. on the ends of your toes.
  • Do not move your weight towards the ball through the downswing.
  • Make sure that your arms do not move too far away from your body as you attack the ball.

Struggling under pressure

  • Breathe slowly and deliberately to relieve any built-up tension.
  • Set a positive mental outlook by visualising your shot before playing it.
  • Concentrate on one key swing thought.
  • Do not pause unnecessarily at address as tension will build up.

Poor ball striking

  • Work on establishing a solid set-up position.
  • Try to maintain your balance, and do not hit the ball too hard.
  • Make sure that your arms and body swing in harmony through the downswing.
  • Make a series of practice swings with your eyes shut.

Bad distance control

  • Use yardage markers and a course planner to help you pick the perfect distance.
  • Pay careful atention to the weather conditions.
  • Consider where the trouble surrounding the greens lies - if it is all at the front, take one extra club.

Difficult conditions

  • Widen your stance to provide extra stability.
  • Move the ball back in your stance to ensure a crisp contact.
  • Think smart and play within yourself; do not try to pull of a miraculous shot every time.
  • Keep your grips dry and your studs clean.



1.  All my golf shots to really bad right, its really putting me off golf for good, it mostly only happens when I have my driver in my hand but thats when I loose 2 or 3 shots to try and get the ball out of the trees after hitting it so far right

comment by Tracey - 12/02/2009 20:36

2.  Some good advice but would like to see a PDF version, any chance?

comment by Hobgoblin - 25/03/2010 09:37

3.  Copy and paste to a word processor. I did this in columns, and placed it on the back of the scorecards I give to my team to record their scores and stats as their round advances. Great info!

comment by Coach - 30/03/2010 19:27

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