The 50 most annoying things about Golf

Published 08/07/2009 11:55:49

Golf can be the most frustrating, annoying and downright obnoxious of games. Sure, like a cruel mistress we love it and can't live without it, but when its back is turned we have a good moan about it. Let's blow off some steam...

  1. First tee nerves
  2. Playing well on the driving range then playing like crap on the course
  3. Hitting a good tee shot but not being able to find your ball
  4. Not being able to find your ball at any time
  5. When a great putt rims the cup and comes back out
  6. Not getting enough time to play or practise
  7. Ball-magnetic water hazards. Sploosh!
  8. Snobbery of some clubs
  9. The cost of playing the game
  10. Waiting for slow idiots to get on with it or let you through
  11. People not raking bunkers properly
  12. Wind
  13. Poorly maintained greens costing you shots
  14. Rain
  15. Unsympathetic partners
  16. Following a great shot up with a duff/slice/shank etc.
  17. 3-putting straightforward birdie chances
  18. Watching the professionals make it look easy
  19. Leaving easy chip shots short of the green
  20. Inconsistency
  21. Mobiles on the course - especially novelty ringtones. Turn them off!
  22. Ridiculous clothing
  23. Hitting the flag stick and bouncing 10 feet or more away from the cup
  24. Hitting a great shot ... then realising it was the wrong ball
  25. People lying about how far they can drive the ball
  26. Not being able to drive it far enough
  27. Leaving a bunker shot in the bunker
  28. Never having enough tees
  29. A good shot from a bad lie will always be followed by a bad shot from a good lie
  30. Slicing it
  31. Hitting a perfect fade or draw but not knowing how you did it
  32. Hooking it
  33. Hitting a tree and being further away than when you started
  34. Thinning it
  35. Getting too much backspin at the wrong time and sliding off the green
  36. Not being able to get backspin at all
  37. Fatting it
  38. People not fixing their divots
  39. Shanking it
  40. Golf rage
  41. Duffing it
  42. Being lured by new equipment that promises to fix your game
  43. Seeing people pay good money for gimmicks
  44. The plethora of rules that no-one ever knows or bothers to learn
  45. The inaccessibility of golf to the less well-off
  46. Loudmouths on the course. Shut up.
  47. Cries of "get in the hole"
  48. Know-it-alls who try to fix your swing without you asking. Unless you're a pro, shut up and save it for the range
  49. Morons standing in your line of site when taking a shot.
  50. People who take too many practise swings

Do you know any more annoying things about golf? We're willing to bet you do, so add them below using the comments box.



1.  51. Colin Montgomerie

comment by Alex W - 10/07/2009 09:41

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