Take a wide stance for a compact swing

Published 03/11/2010 07:35:00

A compact swing is a great way to inject control into your long game, but it's not always easy to throttle back if you're used to a long, loose action. Like many swing changes, becoming more compact can be accomplished by altering your set-up. Adopt a wider-than-normal stance and your swing will shorten automatically.


Instead of standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, widen your stance until both feet are 1-2 inches outside the line of your shoulders. A wide stance restricts the rotary motion of your hips, preventing over-rotation of the hips and shoulders on the backswing. It will be tougher for you to make as a full a swing as you're used to, shrinking the margin for error and adding control.


A few things to watch for: As you widen your stance, keep your weight from falling back on your heels, and keep your knees from locking. Either of these problems could throw off your balance, making your new, shorter swing useless.


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