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Just Do Her

Funny Tiger Woods Pictures

It hasn't been a great year for Tiger Woods after his split from Elin Nordegren, and the internet has poked fun constantly at the big man. We share with you some of the best images mocking the biggest sports star in the world - Eldrick Tiger Woods.

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Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis

Paula Creamer Pictures

Paula Creamer is one of the most beautiful golfers in the world. Read on for Paula Creamer pictures.

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fix hook shot golf

Two ways to handle the hook shot

When things turn bad for good players, a hook usually results. What do you do if you're on the course, in the middle of a match, and the big right-to-lefter pops up out of nowhere? Here are two ways to stop hooking: A quick fix to salvage your round, and a solid cure to work on after your round is over.

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straight ball takeaway

The Straight-Ball Takeaway

If you're hitting your drives a long way but spraying them from side to side, the cure may lie in your takeaway -- specifically within the first foot-and-a-half from the ball.

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lose the offset

Eliminate the left side

One problem with long hitters is that their power is usually accompanied by some wildness. Wildness means unpredictability. Help fix this vicious cycle with our tips.

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golf swing tempo

Golf Swing Tempo: Finding the Perfect Pace

The key to consistency is finding a happy medium between swinging easy and jumping out of your socks. After finding the perfect pace, the next step is grooving it so it's repeatable.

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martin kaymer trophy

Can Kaymer handle the big time?

Martin Kaymer is a man who has enjoyed his best ever season as a professional golfer. However, in just over two weeks from now, he will be taking his place in the European team ahead of the start of golf's most high-profile event, the Ryder Cup.

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Tiger Woods Fist Pump

Tiger prepares to enter battle

Tiger has a less-than-impressive record in the Ryder Cup. After his dreadful solo season, can he salvage something with the team game?

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hard golf swing

The key to swinging hard

After some painfully off-line drives you may think that you can't swing hard and keep the ball in play. That's not exactly true. You can swing as hard as you want -- if your head stays behind the ball from address through just before the end of the follow-through.

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straight alignment

Set up for straight shots

One of the frustrating things about hitting an errant tee shot is you're not always sure why. The following setup keys can help you stay in play more often.

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phone booth swing

The Phone Booth Swing

Players who are good at keeping their shots in play usually have neat, compact swings. These golfers look as if they could tee it up in a phone booth. If you are plagued by control problems, read on.

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correct ball position golf

Get consistent with a correct ball position

If your set up and swing were perfect, like a machine, you'd hit nothing but long, straight golf shots. But if you moved the ball out of position, you'd mishit everything. Ball position is still a vital ingredient in determining the quality of your golf shots.

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punch low under trees

How to hit a low shot under trees

If you're not in the fairway, at least some of each round is spent in and under trees. Here's how to hit the "under-the-tree" shot to help you get back into play.

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bump and run shot

The Bump and Run Shot

The bump and run is an effective shot when you are trying to keep the ball low under the wind, playing off hard ground, or simply trying to run the ball up to a green. The shot is much easier to judge and control than a high pitch, and is ideal when you do not have to fly bunkers or other obstacles.

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colin montgomerie and lee westwood

Monty starting with fourballs

With European captain Colin Montgomerie and Golf Betting pundits around the world well aware that the Ryder Cup, an event that pits the best of US golf against Europe's elite golfers, is rapidly approaching, he has used the history books to help him to make his first key decision of the competition.

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darren clarke guinness

Ryder Cup: Darren Clarke out of contention

Veteran Ryder Cup competitor Darren Clarke has decided to withdraw from the final two competitions offering qualification points for the European Ryder Cup team after evaluating his current odds on making the team.

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martin kaymer trophy

Ryder Cup: Have Europe peaked too early?

Not so long ago, it all looked so rosy for the European team; home support, the mighty Tiger out of sorts  and Westwood in form. Now, though, with just under six weeks to go before the Ryder Cup, the European team seem to be set on self-destruct mode.

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grip down the shaft golf

Developing the punch shot

A low-flying punch shot will optimise the distance and control of each shot by minimising backspin and ensuring the ball does not climb too far into the air. Here are all the mechanics you need to produce a successful punch shot.

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padraig harrington big drive

Shift your weight properly for a full-power swing

If you have been failing to shift your weight effectively during the swing, this drill will promote the correct movement. Repeat this drill ten times, then hit a ball for real and you are guaranteed to notice how beneficial an effective swing transfer can be.

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fade and draw shots in golf

Shape your shots for more power and control

The ability to move the ball sideways through the air makes you a more complete player, able to attack tucked-away pins and find fairways that run at an angle to the tee. This article guides you through the key movements required to manipulate your ball flight.

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two ball drill golf

Golf swing tips: The Takeaway

A smooth takeaway is crucial to building a good swing, as well as gaining maximum possible momentum and therefore distance. Let this guide help you build a silky smooth swing, like the best.

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golf shot over water

How to cope with pressure on the golf course

Your mind can be your most powerful tool when you know how to use it and in this guide we do just that. You'll be able to cope with almost anything the golf course can throw at you.

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tiger woods ryder cup

Matchplay Masterclass

One of the reasons that the Ryder Cup is golf's most treasured event is that the world's best are pitted against each other and are fighting hard for a prize made of pride - not money. In a matchplay competition, each player is involved in a head-to-head battle against another player, and to succeed requires tactics that will deflect pressure from you on to your opponent.

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mop drill

How to commit fully to the strike

Sometimes it can be hard to commit to a strike because of hazards around your target - such as water or bunkers. But even when the situation is intimidating, this guide will help you commit to your normal swing.

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leg action golf swing

Improve the leg action in your golf swing

A solid leg action is important to maintain your poise through an athletic swing. This is an area that requires careful consideration and commitment to master, and this guide will demonstrate how to use your legs effectively in different situations during the swing.

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golf swing clock face

Controlling your wedge play

One of the major areas where professional golfers show their experience is when playing from inside 120 yards. This article, together with some hard work of your own, will help you find the target when trying to reach the scoring zone.

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square clubface at impact

How to stop pushing and pulling the golf ball

Pushing and pulling are two frustrating faults caused by the clubface pointing straight right or left of the target - not by sidespin at impact.This article is designed to help you repair the damage caused when these two ugly shots appear on the course.

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natalie gulbis on practice range

How to practice: Playing the course on the range

This is the second part of our "How to practice" series. This time we'll focus on playing the 18 holes of the course on the range - using visualisation to get you round.

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tiger woods at the driving range

How to practice: Working through the bag

If you get the opportunity to attend a Tour event, either side of the pond, you will notice how meticulously the players prepare for their forthcoming rounds while on the practice range. The following two-part guide demonstrates the best ways to practice before a competitive round - even if it's just you and your mates.

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colin montgomerie and lee westwood

Is Lee Westwood becoming the new Colin Montgomerie?

Lee Westwood is on a hot streak at the majors - he's placed inside the top three in the last three marquee tournaments. But is the Worksop man destined to be one of those best players never to win a major? We compare him to another Euro Tour star who never won one of the big ones.

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