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padraig harrington disqualified

Harrington has his say on disqualification

After showing some of his best form for months in the opening round of the Abu Dhabi Championships, Padraig Harrington was in good spirits about the way 2011 started. However, that was to change as he was disqualified.

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tournament of Champions in Hawaii

2011 kicks off for real in Abu Dhabi

The tournament of Champions in Hawaii earlier this month may have been the first tournament of the year, but you get the sense that the 2011 season will only really get going this week with the start of the Abu Dhabi Championship.

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live with your slice

Ten ways to beat your slice or make the most of it

Most recreational golfers battle a slice swing. The question is, do you want to dedicate yourself to practising more and eliminate your slice once and for all? If the answer is no, there's hope yet still. You just have to learn how to live with your slice.

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lee westwood martin kaymer

Kaymer finally proving himself to be up there with the best

Lee Westwood must be shaking in his boots right now, glancing nervously over his shoulder as he awaits the announcement of the new world number one at the end of the month.

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hard release

A better way to get square and add consistency to your shots

There's a common misconception among golfers about exactly when in the golf swing the release occurs. Most believe it occurs just after impact. The truth is a proper release happens just as contact is made.

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perfect impact

How to get a solid impact in your shots

Easy steps to establish and maintain a powerful impact position

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long iron express

All aboard the long iron express

The average player should replace his or her long irons with fairway woods. However, for more advanced players, long irons are necessary tools for going low. Whereas most recreational players have no other option but to chip back to safety, intrepid shotmakers can use the Long Iron Express to pound it low and onto the green.

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dramatic drives

3 tips for more dramatic drives

These three tips will each help you generate greater clubhead speed and produce your longest, most dramatic drives to date.

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fringe of green golf shot

Golfing from the fringe

When your approach shot comes to rest against the fringe of the green, your normal chipping technique won't work because you can't make contact with the ball without trapping grass between the club face and the ball. In this situation, it's best to use the "bellied sand wedge" shot

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deep rough

Power out of the rough

Power hitters often generate distance from the strength of their hands and forearms. If that's your story, you have an advantage when extricating the ball out of a place that power hitters often end up -- heavy rough.

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rough recovery shot

Smart rough recoveries

Hitting tee shots into the rough doesn't have to be disastrous. What you do once you're there determines whether you take a round-ruining big number or save par or bogey. Here's how to play it smart -- and safe -- out of rough.

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explosive sand shot

The Short Explosion

There is one shot from sand that can spook even the best of players: The short explosion. The situation is paradoxical: The ball lies a few yards from the hole, yet it's hard to put it close.

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middle iron swing

How to beat first tee nerves

Hitting any tee shot is tough, but when it's your first of the day and it seems as if the entire clubhouse is watching, getting off the first tee can be terrifying. Take heart: Even the pros experience nervousness on their opening drives. Here are two ways to help you stay calm.

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grip lightly for power

6 Tips For Harder Hitting

To get more distance, you can develop some preswing mental keys that will trigger greater club head speed through impact. These six keys have little to do with brute force. Instead, they'll help reduce the tension that inhibits a free flowing action.

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low controlled driver

Three soft shots

Everyone likes to hit the ball hard and see a booming shot . Sooner or later, however, you'll face a shot that shouldn't be muscled. It's about time you learned some "soft shots," - finesse play that will make you a more complete golfer.

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putt chip goosen

Putt your chips

If you're not hitting as many greens as other players, your short game had better be reliable if you want to compete. When it comes to chipping, the most reliable stroke is the simplest one: a putting stroke.

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short game practise

How to practice the short game

Most practice is pretty simple: Pound out a few buckets of balls on the range or stroke putt after putt on the putting green. Most high handicappers skip practicing one of the most important parts of the game, the short game.

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downhill chip shot golf

Tips for downhill chips and pitches

Downhill chips and pitches are tricky because of the possibility of hitting the club into the slope behind the ball. The greater the degree of the slope, the more likely you will hit it "fat." The two methods that follow will reduce your chances of being fat.

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wide stance compact swing

Take a wide stance for a compact swing

A compact swing is a great way to inject control into your long game, but it's not always easy to throttle back if you're used to a long, loose action. Like many swing changes, becoming more compact can be accomplished by altering your set-up.

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leg action golf swing

How a good leg action can help you drive further

Powerful leg action is often associated with the game's big hitters, so in your search for more distance, it would be natural to ask, "Am I using my legs enough?". This guide will help you unlock that power and dispel the myths.

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stand tall golf stance

Golf stance: hang loose on the greens

In this article we discuss the effect of crouching on the golf swing, and how it could be detrimental.

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tiger woods putting

Conquer the long lag putt

There are certain areas of your game that you can improve a lot faster than others. Learning to lag your long putts consistently close enough for a sure two-putt is one of the best ways to trim strokes quickly.

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tiered green

Handling tiered greens

Long putts over tiered greens can intimidate golfers of all levels. You have to get those putts down in two if you are to score well, and those first putts demand precise feel and an expert read. Here's a system you can use to help you manage the tiered greens and get your ball into gimme range.

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tiger woods long putt

Beat the big-breaking putts

If the course you play features sloping greens, you probably face quite a number of sharp-breaking putts each round. To stop three putting big breakers, try these tips.

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six foot putt

Short putts: follow through to the hole

Every golfer misses a short putt once in a while. It's when you start missing them regularly that panic sets in and you acknowledge there's a problem with your stroke that must be rectified.

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fan it for more power

Fan it for more distance

Straight hitters looking for more distance often try to increase their turn. Sound familiar? If so, you're on the right track. But if those extra yards aren't appearing, then your turn isn't getting any bigger, despite your efforts. Try this experiment and you'll understand why.

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lead hand drill

Power Drills

There are a number of technical adjustments you can make to add a few yards here and there to your game. But what if you dream of making a big step in distance, enough to allow you to reach the longer holes in regulation, say, 20 yards with the driver and 15 yards with your approaches. Impossible?

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Gmac drinking from the Ryder Cup

The Top Pictures from The Ryder Cup 2010

The 2010 Ryder Cup was an absolute corker. Europe won it, but it went down to the wire and proved both teams have a great appetite for this competitions. Here are some of the best pictures from Celtic Manor - mostly behind the scenes as taken by Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy.

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clubhead sledgehammer golf

Two thoughts for more distance on your golf shots

Being able to hit the ball straight doesn't necessarily say anything about your ability -- your handicap could be 3 or 33. Which means that while many players could use a few extra yards, you shouldn't all go about finding them the same way.

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get more power in golf shots

Relax for more power

Golfers often try to compensate for lack of distance by hitting the ball harder. Ironically, the harder they swing, the poorer the results. That's not surprising: The idea of swinging hard breeds tension, which causes the body to stiffen, resulting in less clubhead speed, not more.

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