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greg norman senior open

Top earning golfers of 2008

Who were the top earners in golf in 2008? You've probably guessed the number 1 spot but what about the other 49? Take a look at this list to see golf's richest players.

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bunker splash 1

Improve your bunker play

Mossock Hall pro Brad Millar with some pointers on improving your bunker play.

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tiger woods credit crunch dubai

How will golf fare in the credit crunch?

Many sports will feel the pinch of the credit crunch, and golf is no exception. Golf is such a high-spend sport, even for amateur players, that it will surely one of the hardest hit. Golf courses, equipment manufacturers and tournament organisers will all have to change their strategy or risk bankruptcy.

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tiger woods credit crunch dubai

The winners and losers of 2009

Who will be the winners and losers of 2009? Golf is never an easy game to predict but we thought we'd get off the fence and take a light-hearted look at what's in store for 09.

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van de velde water

The Worst Chokes In Golf

Chokes are more common than heroic victories in sport - it's easy to blow it to lack of concentration or fear. Golf is generally believed to be a largely mental game - the biggest guys don't win, the ones who can hold their nerve do. So let's take a look at the biggest chokes in golf history...

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boo weekley ryder cup 2008

Top golfing moments of 2008

2008 might have been the year the mortgages dried up and our economies went to dust, but it was a great year for golf. We had unexpected champions, heroic victories and terrible outfits.

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tiger woods playing in wind

Controlling the golf ball in the wind

A shot struck perfectly into the wind should stay straight. But if you're a high handicapper, wind from any direction is likely to blow your ball off-line unless you adjust your technique. To play well in the wind you must understand the effect it has on the ball so you can reduce the damage.

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padraig harrington is a great wind player

Using the wind to your advantage

Get the wind to help you lower your scores - use it rather than fight it. If your are confident in your approach, you can turn both tailwinds and headwinds to your advantage.

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Golf Jokes

Make your friends hate you even more with our deliciously terrible golf jokes and quips.

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pitch shot

To pitch or to chip

Pitches and chips are the shots that can make all the difference to your score by the end of the round. While both are played from anywhere between 40 to 100 yards, that is where the similarity ends.

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practise makes perfect

50 essential sites for any golfer

Golf is a game older than the hills with more words devoted to it over the years than most others. This naturally translates to a ton of websites in this modern era, so we thought we'd do you a favour and sort the wheat from the chaff and show you the most essential golfing websites.

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Natalie Gulbis

World's Sexiest Golfer

Natalie Gulbis is quite simply the world's sexiest golfer. Read on for Natalie Gulbis pictures.

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Odyssey Golf White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter

Ugly Putters

Here at IntoTheRough we can't help but feel that the aesthetics box is often left un-ticked by manufacturers when it comes to putters. We decided to check out the ugly ducklings of the golf equipment world...

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sergio garcia

What golf clubs does Sergio Garcia use?

Although yet to win a major, 28 year old Spaniard Sergio Garcia has been one of the top players in the world for several years and has 14 top-ten finishes in the big events. We take a look what's in Sergio's bag.

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colin montgomerie

Best golfers never to win a major

The majors are the pinnacle of a golfer's career, four special events that define who are the players of a generation. Jack got 18, Tiger's stuck on 14 until he fixes his knee. But who are the players who couldn't quite do it when all the cameras were on them? Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington dominated this list for years, but both now have three to their names.

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greatest golfers of all time

Top 5 golfers of all time

Sports fans have an insatiable desire for statistics, for number ones and unbeaten records; grand slams and underdog victories. The question of who is the best golfer of all time comes up often, and may even change over the next ten years. These are our top 5 golfers of all time as it stands in 2008.

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tiger woods putting

Think like a pro

You can shave vital strokes off your score by taking a sensible and calculated approach to every shot you play. Thinking strategically is just as important as confidence. All top professionals carefully weigh up each shot to decide which option is the best for the situation.

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usa wins ryder cup

How the Ryder Cup was won

The US team triumphed in the Ryder Cup for the first time since 1999. What were they key factors behind this success?

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ryder cup bad clothes

10 Reasons To Love The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is upon us once again and we love it. We get to see the world's best golfers treated like "slaves" and not get paid a penny for it. Tears, tantrums and moronic shouts of "get in the hole" are all part of the fun. Here's our top 10 reasons to love the Ryder

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tiger woods ryder cup

Will the USA miss Tiger in the Ryder Cup?

It's old news that Tiger will miss the rest of the season and, inevitably, the 2008 Ryder Cup. Some say Tiger won't be missed; he saves his best game for the majors, or at least the big money events. Others say he is a talismanic figure and instrumental to winning the psychological war against the Europeans. Will USA roar without its Tiger?

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Lorena Ochoa

LPGA U-Turn: Where next?

Where next for the LPGA after an embarrasing climbdown over controversial plans to make tour players learn English or play elsewhere.

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tiger woods wince

Tiger Woods Interview: Broken legs and constipation

Tiger Woods was in light mood as he chatted with Conan O'Brien, revealing the pain behind his knee injury and how he was constipated on the course...

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first tee crowd

10 Tips To Overcome First Tee Nerves

First tee nerves are a true nightmare for higher handicap golfers. Even the pro's get them sometimes. Follow these 10 tips to play with confidence off the first tee

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Tabitha Furyk

The Golf WAGs

Who's hot and who's not - read on for some of the finest WAGs of the golf tour.

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van de velde water

The Biggest Blunders In Golf History

Golf is a game of many rules and many pitfalls, especially for the "Sunday golfer". So it's refreshing to see the professionals mess things up every now and again. Take a look at some of the best blunders of modern golf.

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golf olympics

Why golf shouldn't be at the Olympics

Should golf by in the Olympics? Do we really need to see Tiger with a gold medal around his neck to prove he's the best?

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tiger woods home

What do golfers spend their money on?

We know golfers are amongst the richest sportsmen on earth; Tiger Woods is  on track to be a billionaire, Greg Norman is the richest sportsman in Australia. So how do these rich boys spend their money?

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17th hole sawgrass

20 Facts You Didn't Know About Golf

Swat up on your golfing knowledge with these facts and trivia about the great game.

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lacoste pique polo shirt

Golfing Shirts - what's hot?

What's hot and what's not in the latest golfing polo shirt lines.

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tiger woods

Woods recovery: "lost 10lbs of muscle already"

Tiger Woods will not pick up a golf club again this year and states he's lost 10lb of muscle already.

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