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phil mickelson pro golfer

Why you aren't a pro golfer

If you're reading this article then you probably play, and love, golf. And if you're anything like us, then you've probably harboured ambitions of turning pro and making shedloads of money. However, some of us find it difficult to assess our own weaknesses and get a bit of levity on things. Fear not - we can do the hard job for you. Here's why you aren't a pro golfer.

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golf love

40 reasons to love Golf

Golf is a cruel game and it can sometimes be difficult to remember why we spend so much time and money playing it. Let us remind you why you fell in love with the most wicked of sports with our tongue-in-cheek guide to keeping every golfer sane.

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broken golf club

The 50 most annoying things about Golf

Golf can be the most frustrating, annoying and downright obnoxious of games. Sure, like a cruel mistress we love it and can't live without it, but when its back is turned we have a good moan about it. Let's blow off some steam...

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tiger woods claret jug

Tiger Woods at the British Open Championship

Tiger Woods has had an up and down affair with the oldest major in golf - The Open. A winner three times, Woods has had missed chances, hearbreak after his father's death and classic displays of the famed Woods mental strength.

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10 tips to network on the golf course

Golf is a game of networking and there are many opportunities for success and failure on the course. If you're not close friends with your boss then a game of golf could be a daunting prospect. Follow our tongue-in-cheek guide to playing with the boss to get ahead or avoid the sack.

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Extreme 19th hole - Legend Golf & Safari Resort, Africa

The hardest golf holes in the world

You probably think you've played a few tough holes - maybe a 300 yard par 3 or a tricky dogleg par 4 at your local course. Maybe you've played all over the world and feel like you know a thing or two about golf. Either way, nothing can prepare you for these immense, challenging and in some cases beautiful golf holes.

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tiger woods at&t national 2009

Tiger roars again ahead of Open

Tiger Woods added the PGA National title to the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Jack Nicklaus Memorial championship he won earlier this year - entering form just in time for the British Open at Turnberry.

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tiger woods drive

Tiger Woods Facts

Tiger Woods has been labelled "the most marketable man in sport" but is more than just a money-making machine. A prodigious talent, Woods' whiter-than-white image, coupled with his mixed-race heritage means he cross many boundaries and is without doubt the richest and most recognisable man in sport.

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happy gilmore golf swing

10 reasons to take up golf

Looking for a push in your decision to take up golf? Maybe you just want to settle an argument about why golf isn't just a good walk spoiled. Whatever your reasons, we're here to convince you golf is a great game, and here's 10 good reasons why.

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tiger woods rain bethpage 2009

US Open: Tiger taunted by drunks

Tiger Woods had more than the usual water hazards to deal with at the US Open yesterday, sections of the crowd appeared to heckle players as they hit their shots on the Bethpage course. This year's US Open has been a strange affair, with awkward tee-off times thanks to buckets of rain and a schedule so tight many players have lost their normal rhythm and poise.

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tiger woods us open 2009

Tiger eyes record comeback

Despite being in the half of the draw that got the worst of the weather, defending champion Tiger Woods is not throwing in the towel at Bethpage for this week's US Open.

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nick faldo knighthood

Sir Nick Faldo: should sports stars be honoured?

Arise Sir Nick Faldo, six-time major winner and inspiration to many young golfers. But should our sports starts be knighted?

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john daly 2009

What golf clubs does John Daly use?

John Daly is consistently one of the biggest characters on the Tour - both in physical and oratory prowess. Daly hits it long and wears it big. Let's find out what he has in the bag.

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tiger woods memorial tournament 2009

The winning golf clubs used by Tiger Woods

What golf clubs do the best golfers use? Tiger Woods is the best out there - having won two tournaments in only seven starts this season. TIger is hot favourite for the upcoming 2009 US Open after his victory at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial tournament.

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golf swing posture

Fatting and thinning the golf ball

Imagine this scenario: you are standing on the middle of the fairway with a straightforward 150 yard approach to the green. You have a realistic chance of making a birder, yet you make a terrible contact with the golf ball. Fatting and thinning are two common faults that will turn a good situation bad before you can shout "Fore!". If these faults continue to appear, it will be impossible to complete a round with a respectable score still intact. Here are there causes and how to solve them.

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golf distance fairway marker

Judging distances

If you know exactly how far you hit the ball, the percentage of greens that you hit in the correct number of shots will always be high. DIstance control is just as important as accuracy so it makes sense to devote some time to this while on the range. The following handy tips will help you determine exactly how far you hit the ball with each club in the bag.

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driving range

Good and bad driving range habits

Heading off to your local driving range and bashing balls aimlessly for an hour is much like going to the gym without a workout plan - you are in danger of doing more harm than good. If you plan it properly and know what you're doing, practising is neither boring nor time-consuming. The advice in this article will help you train for competition.

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tiger woods masters fairway bunker

Escaping fairway bunkers

Your heart will inevitably sink as you stand on the tee watching your ball trickle into a fairway bunker. However, if you draw a good lie in a relatively shallow trap, you should still be able to attack the green with confidence. The key to success here lies in the quality of your strike. The following tips help you find the perfect contact so your ball emerges safely and powerfully from sand.

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tiger woods drive

Increasing power

The good news for most of us is that you do not need to be a tall body builder to hit a golf ball a long way. Far more important is your technique and flexibility. If the club is moving rapidly through the most important phase of the swing, it inevitably moves the ball an impressive distance away.

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golf swing fundamentals

Checking your fundamentals

The majority of long game faults can be traced back to problems at address. Your set-up position therefore should be the first thing to check whenever you are struggling with your game. Here are four quick and easy ways to establish the key positions for more consistent and accurate golf.

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golf swing balance

Get your balance right

Because it lies at the heart of a clean, powerful ball striking, balance is a critical aspect of a successful swing. Developing a feel for how fast you can swing without losing control will make you a far more potent competitor. The following drills and tips are designed to improve your poise throughout the swing.

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tiger woods brendan jones wgc match play

Woods returns with straightforward victory

Tiger Woods won his return match after an 8 month break from golf, defeating Australian Brendan Jones 3&2 at the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona.

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Michelle Wie facial

Michelle Wie pictures

Michelle Wie is a female golfer with a prodigious talent. She's attracted headlines for all the wrong reasons recently - playing on the men's tour, not filling out scorecards or simply throwing her toys out the pram. Let's take a closer look at this golfing hottie.

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michelle wie

What golf clubs does Michelle Wie use?

Michelle Wie is one of the hottest prospects in world golf. She's as famous for her precocious talent as she is for her questionable attititude. But what does this young starlet have in the bag? We take a look.

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tiger woods and wife

Tiger's return: good news for the tour

Golf needs it's talisman back and how. Though not it's certainly not the only sport to do so, golf is suffering in the credit crunch, with many events being cancelled and uncertainty surrounding sponsorship money on the tours in Europe and America. What better time for the game's global icon, best player and general flag-waver to return?

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custom golf club fitting

Custom fitting golf clubs

Whenever you buy a new set of golf clubs, you do so in the hope that such an investment will bring with it a higher level of performance. It makes sense then, to find a set to suit your phsyique and swing style.

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bladed irons

Selecting the right irons

When it comes to irons, you face making a tricky decision based on the look of the clubs and your own strengths and weaknesses as a golfer. In this guide we will show you the four main alternatives, and what to expect from them.

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tiger woods cheat sheet

The Golfer's Cheat Sheet

Having a bad day on the course? Want to quickly fix a fault with your swing without going to see your golf tutor? Consult this handy cheat sheet for quick fixes to the most common golf swing problems.

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Chipping Drills 1

Chipping Drills

Sandfield pro Jamie Garner shows us some drills to help your chipping

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