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sergio garcia putting

The mental side of putting

If you've been following our putting guides, you should know how to execute the basic putting stroke, and how to judge distance and break. Developing confidence in your putting stroke is the next step to achieving consistently low scores and sinking more putts.

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tiger woods long putt

How to read the line of a putt

This is the real secret to putting. Despite how a putt may break, you should visualise each one as a straight line, and think about hitting it only along that straight line. Read on to discover how to line up putts right - every time.

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gary smits golf writer

Garry Smits hits back at John Daly: "he crossed a line"

Garry Smits has hit back at John Daly over his publishing of his phone number on social networking site Twitter. Daly called Smits a "jerk" for his article, which was only a summary of all the misdemeanours Daly had been punished by the PGA for over previous years.

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Camillo Villegas Honda Classic

The Short Game 09/03/10

Welcome back to The Short Game - our irreverent, and downright libellous, look at the week in golf. This week: white sticks, Jack's tips and a fat man on the rampage.

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tiger woods reading green

How to read greens more effectively

Drive for show, putt for dough. One of golf's best known axioms. In this guide we'll show you how to sink more putts by reading the green properly every time.

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augusta national amen corner

Golf courses of the world: #3 Augusta National, USA

The first so-called Major of the golfing year, the Masters, is unique in that it is always played on the same course every year. Augusta National Golf Club was the brainchild of great American golfer Bobby Jones, an amazing player who retired at just 28 despite winning several majors.

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tiger woods cheat sheet

Catch up on our Golf Tips series

We've shared many great golf tips over the last year and, as our readership grows, new readers may be missing out on these tips to improve their game. So in this article we'll provide handy links to all the swing tips and putting tips series.

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john daly prison

John Daly calls Twitter followers to arms on "jerk" journalist

John Daly reacted angrily to an article in a Florida newspaper detailing his many misdemeanours on the PGA tour over the years. Read on to see what Daily tweeted.

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angel cabrera us masters green jacket

2010 Golf Majors

The "majors" are golf's marquee events - the four tournaments that go down in history in evaluatiing the best golfers of all time. Jack Nicklaus has 18, Tiger Woods has 14. This year's guessing game is which one Tiger will be back for to mount his charge for Jack's record.

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alignment putter

Buying Guide - How to Choose a Putter

Putting is the most individual aspect of the game and golfers approach this shot with a variety of pre-shot routines, set-ups and grips. Not surprisingly, the club they use varies enormously. In this guide we address putter weight, grip, height and feel to help you choose the best one for you.

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tony soprano golf

The Short Game 02/03/10

Welcome back to The Short Game - our look at what's going on in the world of golf over the past seven days. This week we have Tiger, Tiger burning bright, losing sponsors left and right.

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tiger woods swing coach hank haney

Developing A Repeatable Golf Swing: Part 1

A golf swing that is consistent and reliable is the holy grail in golfing terms. Pros like Tiger Woods and NIck Faldo rebuilt their swings to iron out faults and fix inconsistencies. Don't be afraid to go back to the fundamentals with this, the first in a multi-part guide to a repeatable golf swing.

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tiger woods crying

The Short Game 25/02/10

Welcome to the Short Game, where we at IntoTheRough round up the week's news, gossip and scurrilous accusations from the world of golf. This week: underwear, affairs and tears like rain.

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tiger woods apology

Golf again faces uncertainty without its talisman

It's doom and gloom again for golf without its transgressional talisman Tiger Woods. We've been here before of course, 2008's knee injury meant golf was out in the cold in terms of TV ratings and revenues. Tiger is big news and every tournament he attends brings with it a large casual crowd who want no more than to see the big man dominate and break records.

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poulter world matchplay casey

English golfers back on top

It's been a long time out in the cold for English golfers; plenty of hope and support, but no silverware to back it up. That changed this week as Ian Poulter won the World Matchplay from fellow Englishman Paul Casey.

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seve ballesteros wedge shot

10 ways to scramble a good score

The ability to make a good score even when the chips are down is one of the things that separates the top golfers from the rest. Players like Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods are masters of the recovery shot when a drive has gone wayward.

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golf posture

Curing Posture Problems: Part 2

In part one of our golf posture problems guide, we looked at what causes posture problems and how they can ruin a good golf swing. In part 2, we look at more cures.

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Check the line of your divot on a hook

A quick tip to see if you're hooking the ball with an in-to-out golf swing.

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golf swing posture

Curing Posture Problems: Part 1

Good posture is the cornerstone of an athletic golf swing. The correct posture gives your swing balance, which will enable your overall movement. But poor posture can intefere with balance, and then everything can start to go wrong.

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jack nicklaus 1986 masters

Golfers with most runner-up finishes at Major Championships

Every golf fan knows who has won the most majors. But who are the unlucky ones? The ones who came, who saw but couldn't quite conquer? The lists aren't as different as you'd think - read on to learn more.

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nick faldo

Curing common golf swing faults

Such is the fickle nature of golf that all players, including the best in the world, develop faults in their game from time to time. Part of the skill of becoming a good player is being aware of your problem shots or swing flaws so that you know how to deal with problems as and when they arise.

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monte rei golf course

Golf courses of the world: #2 Monte Rei, Portugal

In this, the second of our "Golf courses of the world" series, we're off to Portugal - the Algarve to be exact. A fabulous course in a great location, designed by the master - Jack Nicklaus. This is a guest post from Ethan.

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john daly british open st andrews

Hit more consistently with your driver

The drive, or the tee shot, is perhaps the most important psychologically on the hole. A long, straight tee shot benefits your whole game and makes each subsequent shot a little easier. Our bitesize tips are easy to digest - and easy to remember!

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tiger woods driver

8 tips for longer drives

Everyone wants to hit the ball further - it looks impressive and it can help shave shots off your game. A long drive can leave you with an easy approach shot and the chance of birdie. In this article I'll help you add power to your game, and hopefully shave shots off your score.

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golf stretching tiger woods

Golf stretching

Golf stretching is important to warm up the muscles and allow you to use them properly, without risking injury. It will make you a better golfer and help you keep playing for longer.

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tiger woods crosswind

Using a crosswind to aid your ball flight

When the wind is coming from left to right across the tee, you want to hit the ball into the wind and let the jetstream take it. But, at all costs, avoid doing the opposite - sliding the ball with the wind and letting it go.

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tiger woods weight transfer

Knowing how to use a headwind

Hitting into a headwind will give you considerably more backspin than normal, which can be a great advantage when planning your approach shots. Follow our golf lesson and don't be afraid of this shot.

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pitching over a bunker

Pitching tips: Part 2

Pitching is one of the most important parts of the game of golf and we've got so many tips they couldn't even fit into one page! This time we cover a five minute distance drill that could help you break 90.

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downhill lie golf shot

Downhill lies

The downhill lie is generally a more awkward shot than the uphill lie for most players. Fear this shot no more with our handy free golf lesson.

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uphill lie golf shot

Playing from uphill lies

Playing off an uphill lie will make the ball fly higher, and thus travel a shorter distance, so you should always take at least one more club than normal. Learn how to play from an uphill lie with our free golf lesson.

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