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adam scott us masters 2011

Scott shows Importance of Patience

Adam Scott's experiences over the past two years proved invaluable at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf last week as the Australian came from behind to beat US Open champ Justin Rose late on.

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Tiger Woods Target World Challenge

Tiger Woods In 2014

Tiger Woods has enjoyed a spectacular 2013, winning five PGA Championships and topping the money list. However, he has failed to win a single Major. So, can Woods win a Major next year?

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royal aberdeen golf course

The Golfer's Guide to Aberdeenshire

Into the Rough speaks to four local experts to show you around a region with everything from hidden gems to superstar links

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butch harmon and tiger woods

Butch Harmon - Hooks and Slices

Butch Harmon is a world-renowned golf coach, most famous for his past tutelage of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. So it's fair to say he knows a thing or two about pro golf swings, but in this interview he lets Into the Rough in on the secrets for amateurs too.

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jack nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus - Know Your Capabilities

Jack Nicklaus, named Golfer of the Century by Golf World and the Male Golf Athlete of the Century by the Associated Press talks to Into the Rough about changing your game along with your body as age kicks in

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john daly smoking

Guide to Golf Betting Games

Into the Rough like to spice things up on the course so we've put together a guide detailing the press, nassau and other golf betting games to keep your Sunday round not so respectable.

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snobby golfer

Tips for Getting in to a Private Golf Club

Private golf clubs often have the best courses, with carefully manicured greens, faster play times and great service you won't be able to find at a public club. Whether you're looking to take your playing up a notch or you're moving to a new area and need to find something like what you've left behind at your old golf club, these tips can help.

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Bull Bay Golf Club

Feature Review: Bull Bay Golf Club

Bull Bay Golf club perched on the most northern point of Wales, on the edge of the Irish Sea is one of the most spectacular courses in the whole of Wales.  In this in-depth review, Into the Rough guest writer Byron Kalies spills the beans on this gem of a course.

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tiger woods cheat

An Essay on Golf Etiquette and Cheating

We know there are thieves among us. So the question is: What's an honest golfer to do?

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john daly backswing

9 Tips to Drive the Ball Further

Power isn't everything in golf but it sure is a hell of a lot, otherwise the top PGA professionals wouldn't concentrate so much on their upper body strength and swing speed. But anyone can swing it fast, not everyone can hit it long. Read on for 9 golden tips.

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rory mcilroy us masters

How do I play the ultimate mental game?

More golf games are lost due to poor mental focus that physical performance and one of the most important characteristics of any good golfer is the ability to play the ultimate mental game.

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dave pelz

Dave Pelz - Fundamentals of Good Putting

Dave Pelz is golf coach and seminal author of 1999 best seller Short Game Bible. Pelz is known for a scientific approach to the game which has extended into putting as well. In this exclusive interview for Into the Rough he talks short game fundamentals.

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Anna Rawson

What Every Golfer Needs to Know

Besides the mechanics of golf, enjoyment of the game is a matter of attitude and mood. There is no textbook on ideal dispositions for golf. But here's a starter

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justin rose and tiger woods

18 Quick-fire Questions with Justin Rose

In the latest Into the Rough interview we fire 18 questions at England's Rose and US Open winner for 2013, Justin Rose. The Hampshire ace reveals where he takes his girlfriend on holiday and why 'Poults' is his favourite partner out on the golf course - after Kylie Minogue!

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marriott tudor park golf club

Golfing in Kent at Marriott Tudor Park Hotel & Country Club

With a luxury four star hotel on site and acres of Kent's glorious countryside on its doorstep, Marriott Tudor Park is the perfect place for a weekend golfing break for two or two hundred.

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open stance or closed stance golf

Swing Clinc: How to Aim Properly

There are 3 sides to aiming, each of which can dramatically affect the direction in which your golf ball will fly. Aiming badly can also affect all the other fundamentals, ie. The grip, swing plane and posture. Try the second part of our golf swing clinic and see if you can improve your shot making.

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Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson do the Duf

Jason Dufner Memes

Jason Dufner is the 2013 USPGA champion. But before he was champion, he was already an internet sensation. Check out Duf man's memes by Into the Rough.

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weak, strong, normal golf grip

Swing Clinic: Are Grip Problems Hampering Your Swing?

In this, the 1st instalment of our Swing Clinic series, we introduce the grip, the most important fundamental in golf, which we often overlook or neglect. Golfers shot patterns can tell a lot about their fundamentals, and Andre will illustrate how the grip can affect shot patterns with 3 simple photos.

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bubba watson green jacket

Power vs Putting in the PGA

The golf media like to assert that power dominates the game, but what's the true verdict behind the suggestion that only long hitters do well? Read on to find out whether putting or driving are more important to make it on the PGA Tour money list

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madeira golf course

Unfamiliar Golf Destinations

If you watched the Open at Muirfield last week then you might have got the urge to dust off the clubs and hit the fairways yourself. Read on to discover some fantastic destinations you wouldn't normally consider for a golf break.

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Dr Karl Morris is one of Europe's leading MIND COACHES

Mental tips with golf psychologist Karl Morris

Dr Karl Morris is one of Europe's leading MIND COACHES and in this article he delivers tips on the mental game of golf

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target localisation

Judge distances more accurately

Do your approach shots constantly land short of the green or sail past they flag? Are you frustrated by putts that regularly stop beneath the cup or slide by several feet? The problem may not be poor club selection or mechanics, but rather perception.

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golfer's elbow

Fixing Golfer's Elbow

Everyone is familiar with tennis elbow, but golfers can suffer from something similar. Golfer's elbow is an inflammation of the tendons in the inner part of the elbow. In this article we give you the facts and how to stop it.

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butch harmon and tiger woods

15 Golf Tips from the Professionals

Don't tell unless asked is an unwritten rule of golf etiquette when it comes to offering swing tips.However, when the advice comes from a golf instructor, we'd be foolish not to accept it.

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golf rotator cuff exercise

What to do if rotator-cuff injuries keep you from enjoying golf

How to Fight Shoulder Pain: What to do if rotator-cuff injuries keep you from enjoying golf

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ernie els golf swing2

Why Breaking 100 Has Nothing To Do With Making A "Perfect Swing"

Ah, that first milestone in every golfer's life; BREAKING 100! This is the Holy Grail amongst weekend golfers and legions of hackers. Chances are that if you are shooting below 100  then you are probably regarded as someone who knows what they are doing.

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keegan bradley 2012 PGA Championship Trophy

2012 PGA Championship Facts

The PGA Championship is the last major of the year, which brings about mixed feelings for most of us. It's essentially the curtain raiser to the most important part of the golf season. We analyse some of the facts for the 94th US PGA.

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phil mickelson short game tips

Phil Mickelson - how he developed his short game

In this special feature, IntoTheRough speak to Phil Mickelson aka Lefty - one of the best short game players ever to have joined the pro tour. Phil's wide variety of short game tricks was just one thing we wanted to get to the bottom of...

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jamie donaldson with trophy

Donaldson Fulfilling Promise

One man who wouldn't complain if Royal Portrush was added to the Open rota is Jamie Donaldson, who recently ended a 12-year wait for his first European Tour victory on the course

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golf trainer improves flexibility

Golf Fitness and Flexibility Drill

Flexibility is key to keeping your score and injuries to a minimum. Here's a test to determine yours. In this article we discuss the effect of flexibility on your game, and what you can do.

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