Sir Nick Faldo: should sports stars be honoured?

Published 13/06/2009 10:38:53

Six-time Major winner Nick Faldo is to be knighted by the queen for "services to golf". No-one can deny Faldo's impact on the game on this side of the pond; his duels with Greg Norman and others at a time when British golfers struggled will always be remembered fondly - and proved an inspiration to many budding youngsters.


Why award Faldo now? His Ryder Cup tenure was an uncharacteristic failure and his playing days ended long ago. Were they struggling for stars to dole out awards to?


Faldo is only he second British golfer to be knighted. But does he really deserve to be Sir Nick? His achievements on the course cannot be doubted - he won more majors than any other in the sport at a time when there was no clear frontrunner of the field. There was no Tiger, just a strong number of golfers which Faldo managed to stay on top of.


If we are to award sports stars knighthoods or O.B.E.s for lesser achievements then Faldo surely deserves his reward for an excellent career. Who knows how many budding young golfers have been encouraged to practise harder as a result of seeing the single-minded determination of a chracter like Faldo.


Faldo may not be a character appreciated by all; certainly his sarcastic nature can often be construed as plain rude and arrogant. But what better lesson to teach young players than hard work will always be rewarded by success?


Faldo comments


"It has come as a real surprise and the reaction from my children, family and friends has made this a very special moment for me.

"I believe I join Sir Henry Cotton as the only other professional British golfer to receive a knighthood so to stand alongside such esteemed company is incredible.

"I should like it if I may to accept this honour as a representative of a sport that has given me so much in my life.

"I would also like to thank all of the people that have helped make that possible - not least of all my parents, whose unstinting love and support is a real blessing."



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