Short putts: follow through to the hole

Published 13/10/2010 07:57:00

Every golfer misses a short putt once in a while. It's when you start missing them regularly that panic sets in and you acknowledge there's a problem with your stroke that must be rectified.


Simple solutions usually work the best, so if the short putts aren't dropping, don't make any drastic changes at first. Most short putts are missed because of a simple problem -- failing to get the ball rolling on the proper line. The cause of this error often is a decelerating stroke that tends to worsen as you keep missing.


Before fooling with your grip, stance or alignment, try this: Get comfortable in your stance and aim the putter-face at the target. Swing the club back a little shorter than usual, then accelerate the putter briskly forward, "popping" it through impact.


Exaggerate the length of the follow-through, keeping the face square to the target line all the way. The ball will roll on the right line and stay on that line till it drops in the cup.


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