The Short Game 25/02/10

Published 25/02/2010 10:25:44

Welcome to the Short Game, where we at IntoTheRough round up the week's news, gossip and scurrilous accusations from the world of golf. This week: underwear, affairs and terrible hair.


FAT SHOT: John Daly to endorse underwear


IN THE BUNKER: Tiger scripts it , and keeps press out. The hugging, oh the hugging!


THE ENGLISH ARE COMING: Poulter takes world matchplay from Casey, is it time for an English major winner?


CROCODILE TEARS: Tigers are no longer the fiercest thing you'll find on the course. Crocs in the water at Aussie course.


PART 2: One of Tiger's tarts broke down in tears upon hearing his apology. 


FAITH HEALIN': Even the Dalai Lama is sticking his nose into Tiger Woods' troubles, suggesting Buddhism will stop him shagging anything that moves. Faith, and perhaps an image of John Daly in his knickers.


WOODSY LA': Hoylake to host 2014 Open Championship - good news for golfers as they'll hear less whoopin' and hollerin' and more Scouse squalls. "Go 'ed Woodsy la'" indeed.


THEY TRIED TO MAKE ME GO BACK TO REHAB: And I said "ok, see you when I'm done". Tiger's back in the hole, but how will he return?


Until next week folks, keep it in your pants, ok?


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