Shift your weight properly for a full-power swing

Published 14/05/2010 08:49:44

Every golfers knows just how difficult finding a reliable swing can be, especially when trying to build a score on the course. In a bid to hit the ball straight to the fairway or green, you may often attempt to be too precise. This can result in failing to use your body effectively during the swing.


Using your weight incorrectly

If you have been failing to shift your weight effectively during the swing, this drill will promote the correct movement. Repeat this drill ten times, then hit a ball for real and you are guaranteed to notice how beneficial an effective swing transfer can be.


Cure: step drill

1. Address the ball with a mid-iron, and as you take the club back lift your left foot off the ground. This forces your weight on to your right side.

2. Now as you drive through the downswing, put your left foot back down on the ground, lifting your right foot after impact. In the finish position, your weight will be perfectly on your left side.


Try it for yourself and see how you get on. And remember to stay tuned for more daily golf tips .


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