Shape your shots for more power and control

Published 10/05/2010 08:13:47

Once you feel comfortable with the basic mechanics behind a successful swing, you can experiment with shaping your ball flight. The ability to move the ball sideways through the air makes you a more complete player, able to attack tucked-away pins and find fairways that run at an angle to the tee. This article guides you through the key movements required to manipulate your ball flight.


Fade shot

A fade is a controlled shot that drifts from left to right through the air and has a higher than normal trajectory. This movement is caused by sidespin created at impact.

As the clubhead travels along an out-to-in path, cutting across the ball through the impact, left-to-right spin moves the ball to the right through the air.

The clubface points to the target through impact but the path of the club will cause the ball to start flying left. When hitting a fade expect the trajectory to increase slightly, as the clubface is opn (adding loft) in comparison to your body.


Draw shot

A draw moves the ball in the opposite direction, drifting it from right to left through the air. The club travels on a slightly exaggerated, in-to-out path and because the face is closed in comparison to the body through impact, right-to-left spin turns the ball to the left.

A closed face de-lofts the club so that the ball flies lower and farther than usual.


How to set up for a fade shot

Hitting a fade or draw might seem complicated but all you need to do is make a simple tweak to your address position to alter the path of your swing.

To produce a fade, carefully aim the clubface directly at the target. Now take your stance, ensuring that your fee, hips and shoulders are all pointing to the left of the target.

As long as you take the club back along the line of your body, an out-to-in swing path will deliver the desired result.


How to hit a draw shot

The opposite rules apply when hitting a draw.

Carefully align the face of your club with the target. Now set your stance, ensuring that your feet, hips and shoulders are all aiming to the right of the target. The clubface will be closed in comparison to your body and the resulting in-to-out swing path will create a draw shot.


A word of warning

When setting up to hit a fade or draw it is important to grip the club only after you have pointed the face and set your stance. If you grip the club and then open or close the face, you will struggle to square the face through impact and a wayward shot is inevitable.


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