40 reasons to love Golf

Published 11/07/2009 12:37:46

Golf is a cruel game and it can sometimes be difficult to remember why we spend so much time and money playing it. Let us remind you why you fell in love with the most wicked of sports with our tongue-in-cheek guide to keeping every golfer sane.

  1. You can play golf if you're 7 or 70 - it's not a physical game
  2. A newbie can enjoy it just as much as a pro
  3. Networking on the course (and the bar afterwards)
  4. The feeling from your first sub-100 round
  5. Dressing up in silly gear
  6. Buying shiny new clubs
  7. The 19th hole
  8. Playing mind games with your opponent or friend
  9. Clearing the water hazard no problem
  10. Sinking a 30 foot putt
  11. Sinking a nervous four foot putt
  12. Watching Tiger Woods rewrite history
  13. John Daly's trousers
  14. Getting a lucky bounce
  15. Chipping in from off the green
  16. Getting away from your missus/husband/s.o.
  17. When a putt rims the edge...and drops in
  18. When a wayward shot hits a tree but actually goes further than it would have normally
  19. Front row seats to some amazing scenery and spectacular views
  20. There's always a chance you'll get a hole-in-one
  21. Finding your ball 30 yards further up than you thought it was
  22. Ripping it
  23. Hitting a beautiful pitch shot high in the air
  24. Letting the wind do the work for you
  25. Get good and you'll earn a fortune (Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson earn more than any other athletes in America)
  26. You won't get shinsplints or a broken metatarsal playing golf - the chances of injury are low
  27. Showing off in the driving range
  28. It's a good excuse to get a big car
  29. Golf is good exercise. No, really - stop laughing.
  30. Natalie Gulbis
  31. Accessorising
  32. It doesn't matter if you're good or bad - so long as you've got the best clubs
  33. Fearing for your life on the local municipal course
  34. Sticking out like a sore thumb on the exclusive members course
  35. Breaking 90/80/70 - delete as applicable
  36. It gives golf bloggers across the world something to write about
  37. You'll never see a McDonalds on a golf course
  38. It's a good ice-breaker at social events. See also: finding new golf buddies.
  39. A meltdown is never far away. Ask Jean Van De Velde or Retief Goosen.
  40. It's not about athletic ability but sheer mental toughness.

Why do you love golf?

Oh and if you hate golf, we've already covered that.

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1.  Going for the hero shot without ever really thinking it'll work, and then having it work.

comment by Anderson - 07/01/2011 18:32

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