Quick tips to keep your head on the course

Published 22/03/2010 07:47:00

Golf is such a frustrating game that it's easy to lose your head on the course and let your game go to pot. To stop that happening, consider some of these easy-to-remember tips designed to quickly help you get on track, and not card a triple-figure score.

Golf tips

  1. A ball hit solid goes further and better than a ball hit hard.
  2. Keep your head still when putting the ball.
  3. Respect your opponent, no matter how old he is or how bad his gear is. You could be in for a nasty surprise otherwise.
  4. When lining up a shot. pick a mark on the ground that represents where you want to aim.
  5. Always wrap up warm in winter - if you don't you'll lose flexibility and power. And you will be severely annoyed!
  6.  Never up - never in. This means when hitting putts, you have to attack the hole to stand a chance. Leaving it short is worse than hitting it past as you can judge the line coming back more easily.
  7. If you're serious, get clubs fitted for you. It'll be the best investment you ever make.
  8. If in doubt, leave the driver in the boot of the car. Hitting the green is easier when aiming from the fairway and not the car park.
  9. Go equipped for the golf course - carry water, bananas, hayfever tablets etc.
  10. Never play when hungover - I once "decorated" a clubhouse toilet after a heavy night before. Though I did still beat my playing partner.
  11. An easy 7-iron is much better than a perfect 8-iron. Why take the risk? Better to swing easy than try your hardest on every shot.
  12. Pitch at the top of the flag, not the hole.
  13. Paralysis by analysis. Over-analysing everything you do will ultimately lead to mistakes. Feel the swing like you've done before.
  14. Always take a practice swing.
  15. Keep your head down.
  16. Keep your eyes on the ball.
  17. Warm up before any round of golf.
  18. Paying for lessons will almost always be beneficial.
  19. Short term pain = long term gain. Work hard now and become better forever.
  20. Commit to your shot. Never quit on it. A half-hearted shot will have a halfway decent outcome.


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