Putt your chips

Published 15/11/2010 07:38:00

If you're not hitting as many greens as other players, your short game had better be reliable if you want to compete. When it comes to chipping, the most reliable stroke is the simplest one: a putting stroke.


You can use anything from a 5-iron to pitching wedge to chip, depending upon the total distance to the hole and how much of that is green. A rule of thumb: Carry the ball a third of the way to the hole and let it roll the remaining two-thirds.


Your chipping stroke should copy the putt in all ways but one: ball position. To make a descending blow and hit the ball before the ground, play the ball back in your stance, off your right foot.


With your weight favoring the left side, use your regular putting grip, choke down to the end of the grip so your arms hang comfortably, and keep your hands under your shoulders as you would for a putt.


Keep the clubshaft vertical, also like a putter. This will raise the heel of the club off the ground, pointing the face of the club to the right. Don't try to compensate by closing or hooding the block, simply aim a foot left of your target. Make a straight-back, straight-through stroke controlled by your arms and shoulders.


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