Playing from uphill lies

Published 20/09/2009 08:00:50

Playing off an uphill lie will make the ball fly higher, and thus travel a shorter distance, so you should always take at least one more club than normal. The other major effect this lie produces is a right-to-left movement of the ball, similar to a draw.


How to play an uphill lie

Play the ball further forward in your stance and position yourself in alignment with the slope, in this case allowing the right shoulder to drop down a bit more to mirror the rise in the land.


Weight distribution will also be affected. Don't fight the slope. SImply allow more weight to settle on your back foot.


Now aim more to the right of the target because you are going to pull the ball slightly, and don't worry about your weight transfer, which will stay a little towards the back foot.


Keeping balance


One of the most important things to remember about any sloping lie is that you have to keep your balance throughout the swing. Take a few practice swings to determine how far back and through you want to bring the club in order to maintain good balance.

You might have to shorten your swing, thinking more in terms of an arms-and-hands shot, because you will not get as much body rotation and weight transfer as you would normally. If you did, you would simply fall over!


Keep the faith

Because you will probably use more of a hands-and-arms swing for this shot - especially on the follow-through - the clubhead will tend to close up on you. AIming more to the right counteracts this.


Execute the shot with that in mind. You have to believe the the compensations that you have made will be enough to allow you to hit a reasonably good shot. Keeping faith with the shot is important.


You should also make sure that your rhythm is very smooth. Trying to force the shot is the worst sin you can commit. If you are afraid that you don't have enough club, take one more. And if you can't do that, tell yourself that you can live with the consequences and keep it easy.


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