Perfect putting tips: Part 2

Published 13/09/2009 08:55:00

In part 2 of our putting tips series we discuss more quick hints to help knock strokes off your game and take your putting to the next level.


Find your putter's sweet spot

Striking the ball out of the sweet spot is a key to consistent putting. You can find the sweet spot of your putter by holding it vertically with your thumb and index finger in front of your eyes. Tap the clubface with the pointed end of a golf tee or pencil.

If the putter head twists at all, that's not the sweet spot - keep tapping.


Keep your legs in concrete

It's vital you keep the lower half of your body still on the putting stroke. Try to imagine you've been set in concrete from the waist down.

This will help you control the stroke and strike it consistently each time. Your arms do all the work in a good putting stroke.


Eyes over the ball gives best view of the line

Although not an essential factor of good putting, setting up with your eyes directly over the ball at address gives you the best view of the line of a putt and therefore makes it easier to align the putter face correctly.


First impressions count

Your first impression of how a putt will break will be right more often than not.


Hold your hands high for consistency

Excessive hand action during the stroke is a major cause of inconsistent putting. To keep your hands more passive, hold them a litle higher at address so that the shaft angle of the putter becomes steeper.


Tighten your grip on short putts

Several Tour pros use a slightly different technique for holing short putts. Fred Couples, for example, grips the club tighter than for medium or long putters, because he believes that this helps to keep the putter low to the ground and on-line.


Stand a little open at address

Many top golfers, including John Daly, like to stand a little open to the target when setting up for a putt, since he believes this enables him to swing the putter along the correct path and strike the ball solidly each time.


Keep head and body dead still

The only real technical secret  to putting is holding your head and body motionless as you swing the putter back and through.


Left hand leads the stroke


The key to the putting stroke is preventing the right hand from taking over and closing the putter face at impact. The left hand leading ensures an acceleration through the ball and a decisive stroke.


Accelerate and strike the ball solidly

Always try to hit the ball with the clubhead accelerating at impact - this will ensure you hit the ball solidly and give it the best chance of reaching the hole.


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