Nike SQ Dymo Driver Review

Published 09/09/2010 12:41:38



Overall, very good, the style of the face make it look very easy to middle when you are stood at address. The top of the club is a dull, matt black which we liked – at least it wouldn’t reflect the sunshine into your eyes!

The driver is square, but this doesn't impact the feel, and although it's big, it never feels heavy.

Ball Striking

One nice addition is a little circular dotted line on the face, a bit bigger than a golf ball, which shows “the middle”. Felt easy to line that up at address. Other than that, the proof was in the pudding – you will know when you hit a good shot. We also hit a few poor strikes as you would expect with any new driver but the club was quite forgiving.

The sound of the club is quite striking - something to get used to. It may not bother you but it's louder than other similarly priced clubs.

Fixing Sidespin

The club is very forgiving and could certainly help eliminate dreaded sidespin that results in slices or hook shots.

The face naturally sits very square and my guess is this would be very tough to “work” in either direction – but there is an advantage to that for the higher handicapper.

Ball Flight and Distance

The Dymo is set up for a lower trajectory with less spin, so would be ideal for windy conditions. The club is long considering how forgiving it is.

Review Summary

The club made a good impression on us and If driving is a weak part of your game, this club could certainly help you improve.

Overall: 8/10



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