Moderate lies in the rough

Published 16/09/2009 08:17:00

Landing in the rough is not always a disaster. If you can see even a little bit of the back of the ball, you have some hope of hitting a positive shot. But you still need a club with a great deal of loft. An 8-iron is as low as you should go when hitting out of difficult rough. However, if you hit an 8-iron from the rough, bear in mind you'll probably get a flyer.


A flyer is when the grass comes between the ball and the clubface, which prevents you getting any backspin on the ball. The ball might literally shoot off the club, going 30 or 40 per cent farther than it normally would.


Flyer advantage

Sometimes, a flyer can work to your advantage. Let's say you normally hit your 8-iron around 130-140 yards. A flyer may well travel 150-160, especially if the fairway is running a bit - remember this isn't about the loft, you're almost "de-lofting" the club.


If you have a long approach to the green, that might be a big help in saving a stroke. But a flyer can work heavily against you when a more precise shot is called for, so take the added length into considering shots around the green. 


Knowing the ball will run significantly when it lands at least helps you to plan how to execute the shot. If you're playing a short approach to the green, remember that you will not be able to stop the ball unless the surface is very soft. Instead, you may have to run the ball up to the green.


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