Knowing how to use a headwind

Published 23/09/2009 08:22:57

Hitting into a headwind will give you considerably more backspin than normal, which can be a great advantage when planning your approach shots.


A strong headwind is indeed very difficult to play in, but you cannot afford to allow it to dismantle your game. Many golfers completely deteriorate in the wind, especially a headwind. The natural tendency is to try hitting the ball harder than normal. That's a recipe for disaster.


Tom Watson always said that he tried to hit the ball softer into a headwind. I believe that's the best way to express what a golfer must do in this situation. Your instincts are all screaming at you to take a good whack at the ball but you must control yourself and hit softer. Hitting softer balances you, and if you go with that you will in fact hit the ball harder.


Don't hold anything back


A proper weight transfer is essential to hitting any shot in golf, but even more vital when playing in the wind. Many golfers try to help the ball into the air either by thrashing at it, or trying to lift it up - or both.

The result of such futile effort is a fat or topped shot, when what you really need is a low, piercing shot to take the wind out of the equation. So concentrate on hitting with a smooth, even tempo, while transferring all your body weight to the left side - in effect, firing through the ball.


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