Judging distances

Published 03/06/2009 22:17:17

If you know exactly how far you hit the ball, the percentage of greens that you hit in the correct number of shots will always be high. DIstance control is just as important as accuracy so it makes sense to devote some time to this while on the range. The following handy tips will help you determine exactly how far you hit the ball with each club in the bag.


Make a reference


To find out how far you hit the ball make a visit to the range, do a warm-up and hit ten shots with each club in the bag.

For each club, measure how far the average ball has travelled and note this number down on the sticker on the shaft. When you get to the course and are planning your attack on any particular green you will have a reference, written on the club, for exactly how far you hit the ball.


Technical guidance


Use the opportunity when on a launch monitor being custom-fitted for a set of clubs to seek guidance from the custom-fit technician as to the specific areas of your technique that require improvement. The data provided gives a clear impression of how the ball leaves the clubface at impact. If you are hitting the ball with too much back or sidespin the data will highlight this. If you find the results disconcerting, take them to your local pro for advice on how to improve.


On the course


When you are on the course, it is essential that you find an exact yardage for every approach shot that you play. In addition to a course planner, there are usually yardage markers on the edge of the fairways or on sprinkler heads.

Pace out the distance from these points to your ball to help you select the right club for your next shot. One long adult stride is usually about 1 yard.


Which measurement point?


If you are using a course planner to play your routes to each green, always check in the front of the book to see whether the yardages are to the front or middle of the green. This varies a great deal and is always worth checking, because, if you get it wrong, your accuracy will be consistently out during the round.


Key points for moving forward


  • Having regular lessongs with a qualified professional to help you make a lasting change
  • Practise effectively by going to the range with a plan and not hitting too many balls in one session
  • Determine exactly how far you hit each club in the bag on the practice ground. Then note down these yardages for reference when you get to the course.


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