John Daly calls Twitter followers to arms on "jerk" journalist

Published 03/03/2010 20:03:58

John Daly reacted angrily to an article in a Florida newspaper detailing his many misdemeanours on the PGA tour over the years.


Although Daly has since removed the Tweets, IntoTheRough can reveal what they were:


"here's the JERK who writes NON-NEWS article on debut of my show -- CALL & FLOOD his line & let's tell him how WE feel," with golf writer Gary Smits' phone number also added.


"Over the haters - To me, this isn't journalism, it's paparazzi-like gossip. Please try harder to find some REAL news next time Gary"


"Gnight ALL but here's GARY SMITS cell number in case you didn't get it ... non sports writer."


Daly's file was made public after he attempted to sue the PGA - it's certainly interesting reading with over 456 pages detailing several suspensions and fines.


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