Increasing power

Published 29/03/2009 21:26:18

The good news for most of us is that you do not need to be a tall body builder to hit a golf ball a long way. Far more important is your technique and flexibility. If the club is moving rapidly through the most important phase of the swing, it inevitably moves the ball an impressive distance away.


Clubhead speed

To increase your power it is essential to swing the club faster. In translating this statement into action many amateurs fall into the trap of increasing the pace of their swing as a whole and so lose control because their arms and body fail to work in harmony.


It is only through the impact area that clubhead speed is so crucial. Your hands and arms need to move only a couple of miles per hour faster here to deliver a significant improvement on your overall distance. To generate extra momentum allow your hands to drop at the start of the downswing.

Increasing acceleration

To hone a steady acceleration through the ball, make a series of practice swings with two clubs in your hands. The extra weight in the head drives your hands through the downswing, increasing your acceleration. When you hit a ball for real, the club will feel lighter and your hands will move faster as you strike the ball.


Stand firm

Every so often you will be faced with a long, open hole that requires a powerful drive. In this situation you should prepare for a faster swing than usual so your stance should be wider to provide greater stability.

Increase the width of your stance by roughly 30cm (1ft) while ensuring the ball still sits in line with your left heel. Concenrate on completing your backswing before accelerating the club through impact. You should find that crucial extra yards will be achieved without loss of accuracy on the fairway.


Staying loose

Flexibility as opposed to musclie lies at the heard of powerful ball striking. Before hitting the ball it is important to relax your forearms so they are ready for a rhythmical movement. If these muscles are tight, the arc of your swing will become restricted and the clubhead will not be moving at its optimum speed through impact.

Prevent your forearms from tensing up by waggling the club a couple of times as you stand to the ball at address. Then just before you start the swing, hover the clubhead in the air. These simple pre-shot techniques will help you stay relaxed, preventing the build-up of tension.


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