Improve the leg action in your golf swing

Published 26/04/2010 08:26:13

A solid leg action is important to maintain your poise through an athletic swing. This is an area that requires careful consideration and commitment to master, and this guide will demonstrate how to use your legs effectively in different situations during the swing.


At address

Good balance is crucial to the quality of your ball striking and a strong stance provides a stable base for a dynamic swing.

At address make sure that there is some 'give' in your knees. This will allow you to transfer your weight and rotate your body without losing control. The stability of your swing depends on the strength of your stance so make sure that you feel comfortable and that there is a reasonable amount of flex in your knees.


At impact

Through impact your body should turn towards the target as your arms drive through the downswing. It is crucial that your legs provide the resistance against which your body can rotate.

In the ideal position, your left knee should be straight, allowing your hips and chest to turn towards the target. If your left knee bends and slides, you will lose power in your swing.


At the finish

By the time you have completed your swing you should be able to feel the majority of your weight loaded onto your left side (for right-handed players). In the perfect finish position your right knee should point towards the target with your right heel off the ground.

Despite only having your right toe resting on the turf, this is still a balanced position, which you should be able to hold until the ball has landed.


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