How to stop pushing and pulling the golf ball

Published 21/04/2010 08:10:24

Pushing and pulling are two frustrating faults caused by the clubface pointing straight right or left of the target - not by sidespin at impact. The good news is that solving this problem should be relatively simple. This article is designed to help you repair the damage caused when these two ugly shots appear on the course.


Alignment check

If you are suffering with a push or pull, the first thing to check is your alignment. Ensure that your clubface is aiming directly at the target and that your feet, hips and shoulders are all perfectly square on your ball-to-target line. If any one of these components is off line, you risk pushing or pulling the shot.

If you are suffering with a pull, set up to the shot holding the club in your right hand, then build your stance from here. This will ensure that at address your shoulders are not closed - the most common reason behind a pull.

If you are struggling with a push try holding the club in your left hand when doing your alignment check.


Push fix

Leaving the clubface open through impact and pushing the ball to the right is a sure sign of a hesitant swing. If you are nervous, it can be difficult to commit to a shot and release the clubhead as powerfully through the ball as you should. To solve this problem, concentrate on making an athletic body turn.

Make sure that you continue to rotate your upper body after you have struck the ball, so that your chest is at 90 degrees to your target in the finish position. This simple swing through promotes a good release of the clubhead through impact, preventing you from leaving the face open as you strike the ball.


Pull fix

Many amateurs have an in-build fear of hitting the ball to the right. If you are used to seeing your ball veer off in that direction, it is hard not to aim left as a safeguard. But if the clubface points left and then returns square through impact, a pull is the probable result.

To fix:

  1. Stand behind the ball and pick your target, using the line of your shaft to aim. This should prevent you from aiming left.
  2. Having set up square to the target, make sure that the face is exactly perpendicular to the ground. This ensure that the clubface is not closed at address.

Hopefully these tips will help you solve these two annoyingly common shots. If you have any questions, put a comment below and we'll answer directly.


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