How to hit a low shot under trees

Published 09/09/2010 12:47:45

If you're not in the fairway, at least some of each round is spent in and under trees. Here's how to hit the "under-the-tree" shot to help you get back into play.


Check Out the Branches

Assume the tree or trees blocking your way are too high to shoot over. You may have to punch the shot underneath them. But before you do, study the branches. If you can't advance the ball very far going the low route but the branches are thin and spread out, you might hit through them. Try this shot only when there are no nearby out-of-bounds, water hazards or thick woods.



Take a Side View

If going under the branches is the choice, be sure to scout the situation from the side. This view shows how low the ball must fly, which helps determine the right club. If the branches are 30 feet in front of you and six feet off the ground, a 4-iron may be the most lofted club you can take.


Know the Lie

To estimate the starting trajectory of the shot, you have to know how the ball will come off its lie. You're better off if it's on hard-pan or very thin grass because you can hood the blade and easily hit a lower-than-normal shot. Getting out of heavy rough, though, will require a more lofted club to dig the ball out, so it's tougher to keep the shot low.

Also, check the grass beyond the tree. Can you get back on the fairway or will heavy rough stop you dead?



Hit Down Hard

Set up with your weight on your left side, the ball back of center in your stance and your hands well ahead. This encourages hooding the blade for a low shot. Grip down on the club for control and a narrow arc, which also help keep the ball down.

Swing back to a three-quarter position with your arms but don't break the wrists. At the top, your weight should be more on your left side than usual.

Pull the club down and through, leading with your hands through impact. This ensures a descending clubhead at impact and helps start the ball low. Finish low in the punch position, arms and clubshaft pointing at the target.


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