How to hit a draw shot

Published 12/08/2008 20:09:11

The draw is a shot which starts to the right of the target and moves left in flight back towards the target. It can come in handy for playing around obstacles. A draw shot will also give you extra distance because the ball rolls more on landing than a straight shot or fade. It is an effective shot with woods or long irons.

The draw is a feel shot so it's not the easiest but persevere and it will add flexibility to your game


Ball Flight


The ball travels from right to left in the air, so we need to cut across the ball from left to right. Imagine playing a ping pong ball with a bat and you'll get the picture. The draw is all about an out to in swing path.


Tips for a golf draw


  1. Your stance will be slightly closed
  2. Aim the club slightly to the right of the target
  3. Align your body slightly right of the ball-to-target line by bringing your right foot back slightly
  4. Experiement with the degree of turn until you hit a sweet spot on how much draw you get

The Drill


The draw is a feel shot. To improve your feeling for the in-to-out swing path required, imagine you're standing int ehc entre of a clockface. The ball is positioned exactly in the middle and your ball-to-target line stretches from 6 o'clock to 12 o'clock. Now feel as if you're swinging to 7 o'clock on your backswing and to 1 o'clock on your throughswing.


When you hit the draw shot your swing automatically becomes slightly flatter on the backswing. This is because your club is swinging more to the inside. On the throughswing, your let arm is more extended than normal as the club swings outside the ball-to-target line. The ball-to-target line remains the same as usual.



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1.  The draw shot can be handy but it's risky for high handicappers. Many a time I've hit it waaaaay right attempting this!

comment by Golf Blogger - 14/09/2009 18:57

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