How to get more height on your shots

Published 07/04/2010 07:47:20

Very rarely do you find yourself playing golf in dead calm conditions. Whether you are on a tree-lined inland course, or windswept links, there is usually a breeze to content with. This article is filled with helpful technical advice designed to give you greater control over the trajectory of the ball. In the wind, these tips will prove invaluable.


Hitting the ball high

When the wind is behind you, or you are planning to attack a pin tightly tucked behind a hazard, you should play a high shot. You can control the trajectory of your shots just by hitting the ball harder of softer.

If you hit the ball harder, you create extra backspin at impact, which causes the ball to climb high into the air, but be careful not to unbalance yourself when playing such a shot.

All you need to do to produce a much higher shot is slightly increase the clubhead speed at impact. A softer swing will reduce backspin for a lower flight.


Hit a fade

A fade will cause your ball to play higher than usual. If you feel comfortable controlling a fade, then do not complicate matters by doing anything else. Simple set the ball up with your stance aiming left and the clubface pointing directly at the target. This helps you produce a high-flying, soft-landing shot.


With your driver

If you feel uncomfortable controlling a fade off the tee, make a slight adjustment to your swing to deliver a higher trajectory. Through impact, leave your weight hanging back on your right foot, although the majority of your weight should still be on your left side in the finish position.

Your head and hands will be slightly behind the ball, increasing the loft of the clubface. It is important to realise that this is a tricky technical change that requires some careful practice.

Only take this shot with you to the course if you have mastered it on the driving range.


Tee it high

Tee the ball up slightly higher than usual at address. This encourages you to strike the ball on the upswing for a higher flight. Modern drivers are designed to offer greater carry through the air, so if you increase the trajectory of your drives, longer tee shots become more likely.


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