How to commit fully to the strike

Published 28/04/2010 08:36:53

When you are faced with a narrow fairway flanked by trees on either side or a green surrounded by sand and water, it can be hard to make a naturally fluid swing.

If you try to steer the ball towards its target, the resulting swing often lacks conviction and you end up prodding the ball towards the exact trouble you were desperate to avoid.

So even when the situation is intimidating, this guide will help you commit to your normal swing.


Full extension

One of the most important movements in the golf swing comes after you have hit the ball. This might sound strange, but the extension of your arms determines the angle of the clubface through impact.

In the perfect, post-impact position your elbows will be straight and your right hand will have turned over your left. Your right heel should be fractionally off the ground as you drive your weight towards the target.


Mopping drill

To perfect this post-impact arm extension, try the following drill.

Take a mop and sweep the floor across your body from left to right. The only way to keep the brushes of the mop on the floor as you move left is to extend your arms as fully as possible.

Practise this several times and then copy the movement with a golf club in hand. This drill helps you hone a committed drive of your arms and body through impact.


On-course drill

When you are faced with an intimidating shot that requires a committed movement, make a practice swing imagining that your clubhead is dripping with paint. As you extend your arms away from your body through impact, picture the paint leaving a long straight line on the ground.

Now, as you prepare to hit, concentrate on making a full extension after impact; this should prevent destructive thoughts about the trouble surrounding the fairway from entering your mind and causing a defensive stroke.


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