How Nick Faldo rebuilt his swing

Published 18/03/2010 07:01:12

In the early 1980s, Nick Faldo was the top-ranked golfer in Europe. But Faldo knew his swing hid a multitude of faults that wouldn't stand up under the pressure of the world's major tournaments.

Faldo approached British coach David Leadbetter, who told him the refit would mean almost completely scrapping his swing, a process that could take at least two years - during which his game, and his earnings, would suffer.

Faldo was determined to become one of the world's best golfers, so he plunged into the task with relish, often practising such long hours that his hands bled.

Faldo failed to win any tournaments in 1985-86 and critics began to doubt his ability to regain his form.

But in 1987, as he finally become comfortable with his retooled swing, the discipline began to pay off and it became clear that he had emerged as a technically better player. After capturing the Spanish Open, Faldo snagged his first major, coming from three behind at Muirfield to defeat American Paul Azinger to win the Open Championship.

In the years since, Faldo has won a whole host of tournaments in both Europe and the USA, plus two more Opens and three US Masters titles - making his tally an impressive six majors. He also holds the record for the number of points and matches won in the Ryder Cup.


What can you take from this? Never be afraid to touch up your swing - though of course having the world's best golf coach may help!



1.  Tiger did the same and dominated far more than Faldo. Though they both get on my nerves...

comment by Golfing central - 18/03/2010 08:55

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