How do I play the ultimate mental game?

Published 28/08/2013 13:06:05

How do I play the ultimate mental game?

More golf games are lost due to poor mental focus that physical performance and one of the most important characteristics of any good golfer is the ability to play the ultimate mental game. It's easy to lose confidence if your ball is not landing where you want it to. We've all duffed shots short and thinned a ball through the back of a green, but knowing how to regain your focus is vitally important for any player who wishes to maximise their potential. Here are some quick tips on keeping focus:

Let go of bad shots

If you have had a bad shot let it go. This may sound easier said than done but you are only lining yourself up for more bad shots if you dwell on the past. Errant drives and missed puts can sap your mental energy , so devise a strategy that you can implement to help you put a bad shot behind you and allow a clear mind for the next stage.

Play to win

Play as if every shot you took would win you the jackpot at and keep a positive focus regardless of the final outcome of the game. If you play like a winner you are more likely to achieve a goal and focus on your game direction, rather than to become disheartened or lose concentration after the first few holes. Bounce back from failure and play each game as if you were competing in the Masters.



If you are tense it will reflect in your swing and your grip will be tighter. This can affect the angle and velocity with which you hit the ball and often will end up in an undesired result. Monitor your breathing and if you feel you are tensing up take a few minutes to relax and consciously loosen your grip and your stance. Approach every shot with confidence and calmness.

Define your goal

If you hit the green with a certain goal in mind and work towards it, you will find you remain far more focused on the game. Especially in practise, trying to work on too many aspects of the game can cause mental confusion and exhaustion, so determine your area of focus and stick to it.

A good mental game comes with practice and is the key to overall success.


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