Hitting a driver off the fairway

Published 01/09/2009 20:52:42

I would never recommend hitting a driver off the fairway in normal circumstances - especially for the beginner or higher handicap player who should also avoid using a 3-wood anywhere except from the tee.


But if you are an experienced golfer, possess a solid, repeatable swing, and have the confidence to attempt this shot, I recommend if for playing in the wind.


Tips for hitting driver off the fairway


  • The first thing to consider is the lie. HItting a driver off the fairway demands an excellent lie, so always avoid a tight lie or any situation where the ball is sitting even slightly down.

  • Put the ball about an inch farther back in your stance than you would off the tee.

  • Try to keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact.

  • If you make solid contact, the ball should take off with a low, penetrating line of flight.



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