Handling tiered greens

Published 20/10/2010 07:05:00

Long putts over tiered greens can intimidate golfers of all levels. You have to get those putts down in two if you are to score well, and those first putts demand precise feel and an expert read. Here's a system you can use to help you manage the tiered greens and get your ball into gimme range.


Your Need a Good Read

Most tiers run across a green, connecting upper and lower levels that slope from back to front. The two levels, or "shelves," are often fairly flat, but the tier connecting them usually is sharply sloped. Reading the break is more than half the battle when you're putting up or down a tier.

Keep the following rules in mind: If you're coming down a tier, the ball will always break sharply toward the lowest point of the green, no matter which angle you approach it from; imagine there's a hole just in front of the tier, then try to die your putt there. If you're coming up a tier, the ball always breaks away from you toward the edge of the green. The break will be more pronounced because you're coming uphill. The last thing you want to happen is to fall short of the top shelf, so be sure to give the ball a firm rap.


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