Guide to Golf Betting Games

Published 16/10/2013 18:32:00


The Press

A press is a bet that can be started when one player or one side gets down in a match. The original bet continues. Typically, a player or team can press when they are two holes down, with the side that's ahead having the option of accepting or refusing.

Let's say Team A is down two holes to Team B. Team A declares the press and Team B accepts. If Team A wins the next hole, it is 1 up on the press and 1 down on the original bet. The press continues for the following hole. If Team A wins that hole, it is 2 up on the press and even with the original bet. At that point the tables are turned and Team B, being 2 down on the new bet, can press.

When to press: If you're getting your brains beat out in a nassau, don't press. You're having a bad day, pal-pay up your three ways and go. Generally, the odds of winning are 75 to 80 percent against you, because the reason you're down is that you've been playing bad all day or your opponent has been playing well.

The best time to press is when you're losing by one hole. Then you have about a 50-50 chance of tieing or winning the last hole. If you're playing poorly and you keep pressing, chances are you're going to get killed.How to play a nassau

How to Play a Nassau

One of the most common betting games in golf is the nassau. It consists of three bets: one for the front nine, one for the back nine and one for the entire round.

If you and your partner's best net score for the hole is better than either player on the other team, your team wins the hole. Score is typically kept as 1 up, 2 up, etc.

The team that wins the most holes on the front nine wins the first part.

Whichever side wins more holes on the back nine wins that bet. Whichever team wins the most holes for the entire 18 holes collects on the third bet.

How to play some popular games

Here are three games to spice up your golf:

Bingo Bango Bongo: This game assigns values to a player's long game, short game and putting skills. There are a total of three points available on each hole. The first point goes to the player who gets to the green in the fewest strokes, the second to the player closest to the pin after everyone is on the green and the third to the player who finishes the hole in the fewest strokes. On par 3s, no point is awarded for the first ball on the green. Instead, the point goes to the player second-closest to the pin after everyone is on the green. You may use handicaps, but they apply only to the last point.

Nines: This is a game for threesomes. Each hole is worth a total of nine points. Decide before-hand the money value of each point. The winner gets five points, the runner-up gets three and the player with the high score gets one. When ties occur, you can split the pot accordingly: If two players tie for low score, they each get four points; if one person wins and the other two tie, the latter two each get two points; in a three-way tie each player gets three points.

Skins: In this game for three or more players, each skin has an assigned value. The player who makes the lowest score on each hole gets a skin. If there is a tie for low score, the pot carries over to the next hole, which is then played for two skins. The skins accumulate until a hole is won outright.



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