Good and bad driving range habits

Published 03/06/2009 22:04:48

Heading off to your local driving range and bashing balls aimlessly for an hour is much like going to the gym without a workout plan - you are in danger of doing more harm than good. If you plan it properly and know what you're doing, practising is neither boring nor time-consuming. The advice in this article will help you train for competition.


Trigger happy


One of the most common sights at any driving range is someone hitting drive after drive in a bid to try and impress bystanders with their long shots, perhaps even trying to clear the back fence. But don't copy this example: too many drives can ruin your rhythm. It is inevitable that your speed up as you go in search of that perfect tee shot. Remember to hit just a few shots with a driver and the end of your routine. This will enable you to maintain control and will prevent synchronisation between your arms and body during the swing.


Slow down


When you are faced with the prospect of hitting 50 or 100 practice balls, the tendency is often to speed through them with increasing vigour. However a better idea is not to rush and reach for a ball as soon as the last one leaves the tee.

After each shot, be it good or bad, hold your finish position until the ball lands. If it was a poor shot, analyse the movement that you just made, then make a practice swing trying to feel what you should do instead. If you speed through the balls youu have you will find it very difficult to assess what is exactly is going wrong, or indeed right.


Too many balls


If you have been playing poorly it is sensible to visit the driving range. While there, however, make sure that you do not hit too many balls. As you start to tire, your swing action will become lazy, and you will develop faults in your swing that may be difficult to iron out later. For most amateurs, hit around 100 balls maximum, unless you feel good or are hitting a large number of short-game shots.


Take notes


Whenever you practise it is always a good idea to note down what you are trying to improve and how you are doing it. This way, if you start making the same mistake in the future you will be able to find the perfect cure in your notebook.


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