Golf swing tips: The Takeaway

Published 07/05/2010 08:06:45

If you can set the clubhead moving along the correct path during the first phase of the swing, an accurate shot becomes all the more likely. The speed of your takeaway also has a huge bearing on the rhythm of your swing as a whole. This is the time that it takes from the start to the finish of your swing, and it should not differ drastically between woods and irons.

Honing a smooth, technically sound first movement is crucial to a good swing and therefore a good round of golf.


Wrist hinge

Your wrists act as levels during the swing, adding to your clubhead speed. They should ideally start to hinge as the club reaches about knee-height on the backswing and then hinge again through impact as you release the clubhead towards the target.

Always ensure that you do not hinge your wrists too soon during the backswing.

If you snatch the club by cocking your wrists,, you risk throwing the clubhead off line; you will also find it hard to move your weight smoothly on to your right side during the backswing.


Power source

At the start of the swing you need to take the club back as far away from the ball as possible in a one-piece takeaway, before you allow your wrists to hinge. Think of this as a sweeping motion and the result will be a wide arc.

If the arc of your swing is wide, the clubhead will travel farther, building momentum and therefore speed as it goes. Also, as your hands take the club away from the ball you should start to feel that your weight is moving on to your right side.

The advantages of a long, wide takeaway will help you hit the ball both straighter and farther.


Straight backward swing

So often the success of your swing will be determined by its first movement. The takeaway is a simple motion and it is important that you do not add any unwanted and unncessary movements.

Concentrate on taking the club back on a natural path. If you start the club moving drastically outside or inside the ball-to-target line, you will be forced to compensate later in the swing, making wayward shots more likely.


Two-ball drill

To groove a smooth, wide takeaway, place an extra ball behind the clubhead at address. Practise sweeping this ball away smoothly on a straight line away from the target. This drill is designed to groove a technically sound takeaway that sets a good tempo and an effective swing path.


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