Golf Swing Tips: Part 5

Published 10/09/2009 12:11:00

In this fifth part of our Golf Swing Tips series, we discuss more ways to help improve your golf swing and break into the low numbers. Part four of this guide is available here.


Point the shaft at the ball in the downswing

To help groove your swing, visualise a line travelling down the shaft of the club and out through the grip. Half way back on your backswing, align the shaft so that it is pointing directly at the ball. Release and then repeat the routine.

Hit a bucket of balls following this routine until you feel relaxed and have learned how to get into a grooved routine.


Keep a steady head

You could probably have placed a glass of water on Bobby Jones' head whilst he was hitting a shot and he wouldn't spill a drop. Aim for a graceful rhythm and balance and perhaps you'll have a swing one of the all-time greats would be proud of too!


Build up to your ideal rhythm

Try this drill to find your ideal rhythm:

  • Tee up five balls in a row
  • Hit the first at about 50% of your full power
  • Immediately step up to the second and hit it at about 60%
  • Continue this routine until you hit the last ball at your very hardest and most powerful
  • You should be able to identify which ball had the best ratio of rhythm to distance
  • This is your ideal rhythm you should be aiming for on the golf course - remember it well


Timing beats brawn

Although being strong and muscular no doubt helps golfers hit the ball far, it is not simply a matter of brawn. It's about timing your shots and using the correct clubs for you.


Know your bad shots and control them

Lee Trevino suggested that all successful golfers do not simply have the best shots in their locker, but that they are able to identify and control the bads ones they have. Control the bad shots, accentuate the positive shots.


Copy a great swing

Nowadays you can see all of the best golfers analysed on TV or on Internet sites such as YouTube. Learn to copy their swing and you can emulate their success. But there will always come a point when you must have your own swing - unless your body happens to be exactly the same as Tiger Woods, his swing won't always work for you.


Check your right arm during the swing

One of the key swing checkpoints that Tiger Woods regularly reviews is the position of his right arm at the top of the backswing. He likes to keep his right arm close to his side and in front of the body as he completes his coil.


Know your own swing

Most of the world's top golfers have video tuition, but this professional style analysis is available to everyone nowadays. Every reasonable quality phone has video built in, so get a friend to film you and take a look at your swing.

Although we would always suggest going to a Club Pro to help fix your swing, you can go far on your own if you can't afford their rates.


Unwind hips, keep shoulders square

Although it is widely known that a clearing of the hips initiates the downswing, many of the world's best players keep their shoulders square to the target until they've struck the ball.


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