Golf Swing Tips: Part 3

Published 07/09/2009 13:15:00

In this third part of our Golf Swing Tips series, we discuss balance, general swing tips, takeaway and more. Part two is here and part one is available here.


Control your rhythm

"Rhythm is easier to experience than define," writes W.Timothy Gallwey in The Inner Game of Golf.

"When your golf swing is rhythmic you know it, and when it's not you can tell immediately if you are at all aware. Because we can feel rhythm, we can increase control over it."


The magic move of the golf swing

If there is a magical swing thought, move, or special swing secret, we believe that it is allowing your weight to shift onto your front foot as your right elbow returns to the side of your body at the start of your downswing. However, these two movements should be done simultaneously.


Good balance makes good swings

Tommy Armour put it best: "In good balance, you make a good-looking swing; when you are out of balance your swing is grotesque and ineffective."


Extend butt of club away from right hip

Creating width in the backswing is a key to longer and more powerful hitting. To create maximum extension in his takeaway, Tiger Woods likes to extend the butt end of the shaft as far away from his right hip as possible as he turns his shoulders.


Let right shoulder lag behind in downswing

To help you hit the ball farther and straighter, Butch Harmon has a routine that concentrates on the movement the rear shoulder makes through the downswing.

When you start the downswing with your weight transferring and your hips beginning to uncoil, concentrate on keeping your rear shoulder lagging behind so that it doesn't uncoil at the same speed as your hips.

Obviously it helps if you have the suppleness and strength to control this, but the bonus is that you will get into a better position at the point of impact.


Improve the quality of your mistimed shots

Try to keep the clubface square for as long as possible on the downswing - most golfers only manage to get it square just before impact but the longer it is square, the more chance you have of a clean contact. 

This means even your bad shots will be better than before.


Swing the bucket to start the takeaway

Swing triggers are nothing new, they are the kick-start to help golfers find a rhythm. One such technique is to imagine you are holding a bucket of water with your hands on either side. To swing it, you wouldn't just move your arms back would you? You'd move your body slightly to get some momentum to start the move. Approach your golf swing in the same way.


Synchronise your arms and body

Golfers often swing their arms independently of the rest of the body, which weakens their shots. The arms should be in synergy with the momentum of your turning body, creating a more poweful golf swing.


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