Golf stance: hang loose on the greens

Published 27/10/2010 07:27:00

You know the best way to sink putts is with a simple stroke, a rocking motion of the shoulders with the arms, hands, and club following along. Then, to add a little extra sense of control, you crouch to get closer to the ball. But is crouching a good way to add control? Not if you're a long hitter with touch problems.


Crouching forces you to bend the arms at the elbows and wrists. This is an unnecessary complication, creating tension in the arms, which saps the stroke of feel. Plus, angles in the wrists and elbows become potential sources of unnecessary movement, which can break down that simple one-piece stroke you're striving for.


Instead, stand tall and let the arms hang down freely from the shoulders. This is a much more relaxed position for the arms, letting them respond naturally to the rocking of the shoulders. Your touch will be at its best when the arms are relaxed, so make sure they're hanging loose.


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