Golf's Six Deadly Sins: The Reverse Pivot

Published 09/07/2012 07:23:00

This fault can cause complete and utter power failure in the swing. The reverse pivot occurs when your weight shifts in the opposite direction to that which it should during the swing.

Cause of the reverse pivot shot

As the hands and arms swing the club away from the ball, your weight transfers on to the left foot.

As a consequence of this, your weight then transfers away from the target and on to your right foot in the downswing. Nothing good can come of it, that's for sure. While this is an exaggerated example, the fact remains that even the slightest hint of a reverse pivot seriously hinders your ball-striking ability. If this looks or sounds familiar, then it's time to get your weight moving in the right direction.

Cure: How to feel good weight transfer

In order to hit a golf ball as far forward as you possibly can, you must learn to transfer your weight correctly. Try the following exercise.

Step 1

Address the ball, standing with your feet close together.

Step 2

Swing the club back as normal and don't be afraid of a slight lateral movement to the right - that is far better than a reverse pivot.

Step 3

The key to the whole exercise is to trigger your downswing into action by stepping towards the target with your left foot.

Step 4

Really make an aggressive step to the left and feel that your entire body weight shifts noticeably on to your front foot through the hitting area.

Step 5

This makes a big difference to the follow-through. Perfectly balanced with the weight supported by the left foot. Take a look at the difference in your shots too, you'll enjoy it.



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