Golf's Six Deadly Sins: The Persistent Slice

Published 24/06/2012 10:56:00

Welcome to part one of Into The Rough's guide to the deadliest sins in golf. In this article we discuss the persistent slice and how you can cure it.

The Persistent Slice

This, without any shadow of a doubt, is golf's public enemy number one. The slice, where the ball curves severely from left-to-right through the air, is an infuriating shot, made worse by most other golfers' apparent inability to do a single thing about it. It's caused by a combination of an out-to-in swing path and an open clubface. The degree to which you slice the ball is totally dictated by these two factors.


The Cure: Train An Inside Attack

Given that we have outlined the two causes of a slice (out-to-in swing path and open clubface) it's easy to identify the ideal cure. You need to swing the club from the inside, or to be more precise, from inside to square to inside - and square up the clubface at impact. Simple, really. But we all know it's never that easy. See if this exercise can bring about a change in fortunes.

Step 1

Take your driver or 3-wood and address the ball, this time dragging your right foot back from your left

Step 2

This address position results in a dramatic change in the shape of your swing. For one thing, it encourages a better turn away from the ball.

Step 3

More significantly, it helps prevent your upper body throwing the clubhead outside the line from the top. Instead, your arms swing the club down from inside the ball-to-target line

Step 4

Your hands and arms start to work more effectively, delivering the clubface to the ball and through impact on the correct path. Suddenly, your shots don't start left and slice. They start right and draw, a new phenomenon.

Integrate this exercise into your practice routine so that you rehearse it, say, every other shot. You'll be amazed at the long term effect this will have on your swing and the quality of your shots.


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