Garry Smits hits back at John Daly: "he crossed a line"

Published 09/03/2010 20:03:05

Garry Smits has hit back at John Daly over his publishing of his phone number on social networking site Twitter. Daly called Smits a "jerk" for his article, which was only a summary of all the misdemeanours Daly had been punished by the PGA for over previous years.


In the article, published at , Smits hits back at Daly saying:

"I would not have wanted my daughter to hear some of what her father heard. I can take it, but my child or my wife shouldn't have to."

Although Daly removed the Tweets fairly quickly, Smits says he still received over 100 calls, some of them threatening:

"Within an hour after John posted my cell number, I received about 30 calls. The next day the total had grown to more than 100. Most were hang-ups, some had a few choice words, and one threatened my family. "


One thing is certain: Daly's fans are loyal. It's easy to see why, Daly is a cult figure in the staid world of golf. His trousers are made by Loudmouth Golf, he hits it hard, and off beer cans. He smokes, he drinks and he certainly doesn't play by the PGA's rules.


So why did Smits post this retaliation? For sympathy? It cannot be doubted that Daly did cross the line by posting Smits' phone number but as a journalist surely he has to expect some flak when taking down a high-profile target. Daly is easy meat for journalists and Smits had his fill.


I don't agree with Daly's actions, but in these days of micro-blogging and up-to-the-minute Internet armies, journalists should be prepared to give as good as they get from the athletes who make their stories.


1.  Wow, If you go to his blog, he shows that he is not bother by anything. So now he changes his words.

comment by George - 09/03/2010 22:57

2.  In the big picture, this Twitter thing is not that big a deal to me. Sportswriters, sportscasters, talk-radio guys, etc., all get calls, emails and texts from fans upset with something they wrote or said. The cell in question is my company cell. The number is obtainable from my office voice mail. My office number and email is at the bottom of every story.

comment by Gary Smitts - 09/03/2010 22:59

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