Forget Tiger, Phil Mickelson gave us the fairytale we really wanted

Published 12/04/2010 13:26:45

The 2010 Masters tournament was one of the finest golf tournaments I've ever witnessed; it had everything: a people's champion winner, a courageous underdog adversary, old guys turning the clock back, young guys showing us a glimpse of talent to come and a certain prowling Tiger on his comeback.


Forget Tiger's return, this was all about Phil "Lefty" Mickelson becoming the eighth player to don the famous green jacket three times. The scoreboard suggest he won at a canter, but it wasn't always so easy. Some fine shot-making, couple with his imperious short game and steady putting meant Mickelson made it look easy and left his challenger Westwood looking frayed and nervous.


So what about the fairytale? The Mickelson family has endured, and continues to endure, some hardships, with his wife Amy and mother Mary both have breast cancer, though treatment has so far been successful. The embrace Phil and Amy shared was raw and emotional. Few in the crowd failed to be moved by such a public display of very private affection.


What of a certain Mr. Woods? Well this golf writer had a cheeky punt on the 14-time major winner down to miss the cut but that was never on the agenda. Luckily though, I had already backed Mickelson so the pain was eased.


Tiger stayed with the pack throughout the four days, joined on every single round by Korean K.J. Choi. Four eagles, equalling the record for the tournament, couldn't hide his inept driving and frustratingly inconsistent putting. Tiger's shot-making is unmatched but his driving off the tee was woeful, and left a great strain on the rest of his game to recover. Only Tiger could play this badly and finish fourth.


Westwood will rue another major opportunity missed. The Englishman has finished 3rd, 3rd, 2nd in the last three majors, he must be wondering when his luck will change. However it wasn't his day, and I don't think any of the whooping and hollering crowd were too bothered, they wanted their boy Mickelson and they got him.


All in all, this was a tournament that delivered on every level. Pebble Beach will have a job living up to this one. Who's your pick? Stay tuned and we might even give you the winner - again!


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