Fatting and thinning the golf ball

Published 04/06/2009 19:18:09

Imagine this scenario: you are standing on the middle of the fairway with a straightforward 150 yard approach to the green. You have a realistic chance of making a birder, yet you make a terrible contact with the golf ball. Fatting and thinning are two common faults that will turn a good situation bad before you can shout "Fore!". If these faults continue to appear, it will be impossible to complete a round with a respectable score still intact. Here are there causes and how to solve them.


Poor posture


Fatting and thinning are two very different shots but the reasons for their ugly appearance are very similar. One of the main causes is losing your height during the swing. If your head rises or dips before you yhave struck the ball, the bottom of your swing arc will either be too low or too high, and fat or thin contacts are likely.

You can prevent this destructive vertical head movement by making some practice swings without a club, with your head resting against a wall. Take your address position and place a towel between your forehead and the wall. Now make a series of practice swings. If your head rises or dips, the towel will fall down and you'll know your posture is at fault.


Stiff right knee


If you are suffering from fat or thin strikes while on the course, concentrate on the flex in your right knee (for right-handers, obviously) during the swing. Many amateurs make the mistake of standing up as they reach the top of the backswing, losing the bend in the right knee.

By concentrating on maintaining the flex in your right knee while you play your shot, you should be able to retain the athletic posture that you set at address, thereby increasing your chances of a better contact.


Incorrect weight distribution


The reverse pivot is a common mistake cuased by moving your weight in the wrong direction during the swing. As you hang back on your right side through the downswing, the bottom of the swing arc will come before you make contract with the ball. THis means that fat and thin contact will be a regular occurrence.

Solve this problem by placing a towel under your right foot before hitting a series of practice shots. This simple drill forces your weight on to your left side.

As you drive your arms through the downswing you should feel your weight moving in the same direction as your arms - towards the target.


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