Developing A Repeatable Golf Swing: Part 1

Published 02/03/2010 16:46:22

You know the feeling:standing on the first tee, and your playing partners are waiting for you. The next group is standing nearby, watching and waiting, eager for you to get off so they can start their round. In addition, there's an out-of-bounds on the left - maybe it's the club car park.


At such times, it's very easy to get tense and even freeze over the ball, especially if you lack confidence in how to make that first move. If this happens, you are in big trouble. Add a faulty technique to the mix and you'll really wish you stayed at home.


The repeatable swing


Here's how to avoid that nightmare scenario and hit a great shot - over and over again. By making the correct first move, you will prepare yourself for what's call the repeatable swing.

Once you have mastered this basic movement, you are well on your way to that goal, because the repeatable swing is just that - repeatable. It will not break down when you are tired, nervous, exposed or otherwise under pressure. You'll play better overall - and if your temperament is right, you'll even start winning competitions.


The basic swing


The swing is, of course, one continuous, athletic movement. But in order to understand best how it works - and how you can make it work for you - we'll examine the swing in two parts, breaking down each element of the backswing and throughswing until you thoroughly understand each.

After that, we'll put it all together and study the finished product, the complete swing - a swing that you can take to the course. A swing that you can start working on that will eventually produce consistently lower scores.


Golfing secrets


Learning the proper swing is the only way to unlock the basic secrets of golf - which is equally true for the beginner and pro alike. Yes, even pros are constantly learning and touching up their swings.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are two pros to have benefitted from a change in approach in recent years, while a few pros - notably Nick Faldo - have even scrapped a successful swing and completely revamped their basic action. Along with golf guru David Leadbetter, Faldo completely remodelled his swing, using many of the basic ideas we'll discuss in this series.


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