Custom fitting golf clubs

Published 11/02/2009 20:17:33

Whenever you buy a new set of golf clubs, you do so in the hope that such an investment will bring with it a higher level of performance. It makes sense then, to find a set to suit your phsyique and swing style. The majority of top manufacturers offer a custom fitting service for no extra cost, but what exactly does this service involve and how does it ensure that you get the very best from your clubs?


What is custom fitting?

The basic process involves taking a combination of static measurements and dynamic swing readings to find the perfect formula for each player. By consulting your static height and wrist-to-floor measurements, the custom-fit technician will know the ideal shaft length to suit a player of your build. You will then be asked to hit some shots with these clubs. By attaching impact tape to the face and sole (this marks where the ball hits the face and where the sole of the club hits the ground), the technician can then tweak how the club sits at address. You should then receive clubs that fit perfectly, allowing you to strike the ball from the centre of the blade more often.


What are the benefits of custom fitting?

Golf clubs bought straight off the rack are designed to benefit players of a standard height and build. If you do not fir into these fairly narrow perimiters, the performance characteristics of the clubs will be altered drastically, preventing you from hitting the ball as well as possible.

It is in the interests of each manufacturer to sell you a set that performs to its optimum level, and custom-fitting allows them to construct clubs that fit to a player's own physique, helping him or her to strike the ball from the middle of the blade more consistently.

The relatively recent introduction of launch monitors can help further by customising your ball flight to maximise distance and accuracy.


Launch monitors

Launch monitors add an extra, hi-tech dimension to custom-fitting and further refines the process. The technician gives you various different clubs to try, and high-speed camers capture images of the ball and clubface at impact. A computer program then distils the data generated and provides a list of figures including clubhead speed, launch angle and the rates of backspin and sidespin. The technician will continue to give you different clubs until you start recording an ideal set of readings.

One of the benefits of this process is that you can find a ball flight you feel comfortable with. For instance, if you play the majority of your golf on blustery links courses, you may wish to buy a set that offers a lower, piercing flight to maximise your control.


1.  This kind of premium service is best carried out by the experts at a specialised custom fit facility, where the staff really know about shafts and component heads and how the work for you!

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