Curing Posture Problems: Part 2

Published 13/11/2009 08:08:43

A good way to focus on posture and balance is to think about swing plane. If the upper body's position lifts during the backswing, it creates a swing plane that is too flat. And when the upper body drops dramatically, it sets up too high a swing plane, with the arms lifting in the air, independently of the body.


Remember that swing plane is formed by the initial posture at set-up, and that the angle of the spine dictates the plane. We want the spine to stay in one place throughout the swing, and if that angle remains constant, then the club can move around the body on a consistent circle.


But if the spine moves up or down, it will take the arms, hands and club with it, dramatically altering the swing plane and thus the golf shot.


Mirror Cure


How do you cure posture faults? One way is to use a mirror. Check your posture in this way as often as you can, examining your spinal angle from behind. Even better is to film yourself with a video camera, using a friend to help if necessary.


How do you know what the ideal posture is for you? That's dictated by your own unique biomechanics - the length of your arms, your height and your legs. The shorter player will typically be more upright, whereas someone taller will be more stooped.


How to take up your particular posture correctly:

  1. Using a golf club, bend your upper body forwards from your hips - not from your waist - keeping the head high and the chin nicely clear of the chest.
  2. Now let the clubhead touch the ground.
  3. Your weight will be somewhat forward, so you'll need to counterbalance that by sticking your bottom out. Adding a little flex to the knees will help to do this.
  4. Exactly how you achieve this will vary from person to person - experiment with what feels comfortable.
Hopefully these tips will help you get the posture you need to help add power, consistency - and most importantly - comfort to your game.


1.  Posture problems have plagued my golf career - I suggest doing some light weights to strengthen your back.

Oh and get a job that doesn't involve sitting on your ass all day!

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