Can Kaymer handle the big time?

Published 17/09/2010 15:59:53

Martin Kaymer is a man who has enjoyed his best ever season as a professional golfer. However, in just over two weeks from now, he will be taking his place in the European team ahead of the start of golf's most high-profile event, the Ryder Cup.


Whilst Kaymer has taken everything that has been thrown at him in his stride so far, the levels and nature of the tension and pressure that players in the Ryder Cup face are unique to that competition and Kaymer will probably never have experienced anything like it before. Some pundits believe that his ability to deal with the psychological side of the upcoming competition will potentially make or break his chances of overcoming any lingering doubts surrounding his ability to compete with the very best in the sport.


However, having secured his first major win and earned himself an impressive career high of a world number five ranking, Kaymer has started to show those who place a Ryder Cup Bet every year that he is a man who can compete against the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.


With European number one Lee Westwood having been unable to play a round of competitive golf for over a month due to an injury, Kaymer is one of the players that European captain Colin Montgomerie will need to be on top form if Europe are to capitalise on their tag of favourites to win in Wales.


Should Kaymer begin to show early nerves, though, and fail to produce the level of golf that he has displayed previously this season, fans and other players may not be able to put aside their frustrations for too long, especially considering the intense level of competition that the Ryder Cup generates.


Despite these worries, few Ryder Cup Betting pundits would suggest that debutant Kaymer is likely to succumb to the pressure, and he is in fact thought to be a likely contender for Europe's top points scorer.


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